The Top Goatee Styles And How to Get Them
The Top Goatee Styles And How to Get Them

The exact definition of goatee styles has changed over the years, but at its heart, this is a style that utilizes facial hair on the chin and mustache areas of the face. Up until the 20th century, a goatee was simply hair that was on the chin exclusively like the hair on the chin of a goat (hence the name).

Entering the 1990’s, the term became used to refer to any facial hair on the chin, but not the cheeks. People continue to debate whether this alteration is a goatee, or a Van Dyke. We’re not here to argue that, though, we’re here to show off some of the latest versions of this style as presented by our selection of hair and goatee icons. You will need a top stubble trimmer to maintain these stylish goatees.


In this example we see actor Brad Pitt sporting a rather cool goatee beard that is neatly trimmed and just the right length. The flecks of grey look subtle rather than overtly obvious. A very stylish and manly look.

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The Top Goatee Styles

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