Chris Hemsworth Hairstyle
Chris Hemsworth Hairstyle

If you want to get a Chris Hemsworth Hairstyle in 2017 then you are in the right place. Popular film and television actor Chris Hemsworth’s stylish haircut and beard have been a huge hit with men and women around the world. In his movies and television work Chris Hemsworth has fulfilled many varied roles across the years.

From starring in Australian soap Home and Away to battling the God’s with his long hair and beard as Thor and chasing whales in Moby Dick. One thing is certain where Chris Hemsworth is concerned. Namely whatever the role he has to play on film his haircut and hairstyle has never let him down yet. Now you also can have a Chris Hemsworth haircut.

How to Get the Chris Hemsworth Hairstyle

Chris Hemsworth has coupled his media and screen time with being voted the Sexiest Man in the World. This kind of media frenzy has brought renewed attention to the notion that long hairstyles can be hot on men also. Plus if a famous celebrity and big star like Chris Hemsworth can have cool long hair then so can you, or at least you would think so right?

Hence if you’re a young man looking for a new mens hairstyle in 2017 you maybe thinking about stealing Chris Hemsworth’s hairstyle. If this is your current hair situation here’s a compilation of Chris Hemsworth’s AKA Thor’s very best haircuts to draw inspiration from when going to the Barber.

Get The Chris Hemsworth Haircut in 2017

In order to wear your hair like actor Chris Hemsworth you do need a similar hair type. This Thor hairstyle won’t work so well for instance if you have frizzy hair or naturally curly hair. Or if regrettably you are a young man with thinning hair. If you are already bald then a Chris Hemsworth wig might be a better shout, sorry about that.

Assuming that you have a hair type that is fairly similar to Chris Hemsworth you should be able to adopt his hairstyle. Of course you may need to wait for the hair to grow longer if it is cut short at the moment. That said it does not really matter so much if you want to sport nearly short hair or adopt longer hairstyles for men in the style of Thor.

Chris Hemsworth’s hair and manly style will take you to the very front of the cool hair fashion pack. Emulating a Chris Hemsworth haircut will ensure that you are a leader in the mens’s hair style queue.

Experimenting With a Chris Hemsworth Haircut

Chris Hemsworth Hair
Chris Hemsworth can wear his hair shorter
Chris Hemsworth Long Hair
Here Chris Hemsworth has longer hair but not as long as in Thor
Chris Hemsworth Haircut
Mid length hair on Chris in this picture
Chris Hemsworth Hair and Beard
Shorter hair works for Chris Hemsworth as well as longer hair
Chris Hemsworth Short Hair
Here Chris has one of his shortest hairstyles to date
Chris Hemsworth Long Hairstyle
When he grows his hair longer Chris Hemsworth still looks cool
Chris Hemsworth Hair - Thor
Longer hair can be tied back for when in a rush as in this pony tail for men
Chris Hemsworth Short Haircut
Back to short hairstyles here
Chris Hemsworth Long Hair Pulled Back
Swept back and tied back
Chris Hemsworth Style
Shorter at the back than usual but slight longer at the front also for Chris
Chris Hemsworth Beard
A short hairstyle for Chris Hemsworth and slightly spiked on top
Chris Hemsworth - Thor Hairstyle
Short and slightly longer at the sides than normal also in this Chris Hemsworth picture

There you have it, a seriously awesome selection of Chris Hemsworth haircuts to draw inspiration from. Simply decide what kind of hair length you would like to wear and start planning the perfect Chris Hemsworth hairstyle.

Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor. He is best known for playing Kim Hyde in the Australian TV series Home and Away and for starring as hero Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2011.

Even if your hair still needs some extra time to grow longer before going to the Barber. You will be emulating his cool Thor hairstyle in next to no time whatsoever. Chris Hemsworth surely dispels the myth that men with longer hair are uncool, not anymore!

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