Nudred is a revolutionary hair twisting tool that allows anyone, including the non-professionals, to quickly and easily twist tightly curled hair or naturally kinky hair. It is made of a firm sponge-like material, it is normally designed with holes on sides, and it is perfectly contoured to fit in the users’ hand comfortably.

The sponge comes in large size (red) and standard size (blue) holes. Usually, the size of the holes on the sides of the device determines the length of twists that the sponge creates. People with longer hair are advised to opt for the red sponge, which has larger holes.

Before Nudred was introduced people used a comb to twist assorted sections of the hair by hand. This method was tiresome, took a lot of time, and its results were not necessarily of quality. Luckily, the Nudred device sections hair and completes a stylish twist in a fraction of time.

According to recent customers’ reviews, it takes as little as three minutes on average to twist ones hair using the device. The speed of performance, however, depends on the length of the hair. It is also a fact that you get to save a lot of money using this sponge since twisting your own hair is much inexpensive if compared to the typical act of visiting the salon for a twisted hairstyle.

In addition, Nudred works on even extremely short hair to create presentable twisties, which are hard to create if using a comb on such-like hair length. It allows you to wear attractive twists whenever you want by simply combing them out back into your fro. Above all, the device can also serve children and babies who are as young as one year old since its performance involves no pulling.

How To Use The Nudred Device

The first step is to dampen the Nudred or your hair with relevant products. These products are meant to protect the skin from any effects, and also soften hair to reduce instances of itchy pulling.  You can then place it on your hair and begin rubbing it in a circular-like motion, rarely breaking the contact with your hair, and it will start to twist. Rub for 3 to 20 minutes to get your desired results.

How To Maintain The Nudred

There is no certain guide on how to clean or maintain the Nudred, but since it is a sponge-like tool it is a fact that a quick wash in warm soapy water can perfectly cleanse it. The spronge manufacturers sell a spray product referred to as Sanitize I.T., which is probably the tool’s cleanser. However, there is no clear description regarding this product.

You definitely should consider purchasing the device if you are hoping to maintain presentable twists on your head all the time. The good point is that it will help you maintain perfect twists all the time, even when your hair is short!

Christina Diamond
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