When it comes to the latest Fade haircuts for guys, the fohawk fade, otherwise known as a faux hawk, is at the top of everyone’s lists. Why, I hear you ask? Well, this style is a lot like a Mohawk fade, but it comes in more stylized and professional variations.

That’s not to say we don’t like a good mohawk, but this gives us some options. If you have receding temple hairlines, this is the perfect style for you. With a nice taper fade and a good length on top, you’ll by styling in no time!  


1. The Layered Faux Hawk

Here we have a style that combines the elegance and complexity of a layered cut with the faded sides and back of a fohawk. Together they make a complex masterpiece.

2.  The Classic Faux Hawk


Fans of the ongoing television series “Supernatural” will recognize this handsome devil (you rock Dean!), but otherwise you should check out his epic, but subtle, faux hawk. The style is consistent without being too over the top.

3. The High Fade Fohawk




This fohawk sports a look that only gel can provide and a very high fade that tapers down into the stubble and ultimately facial hair.

4. The Undercut Faux Hawk



I went back and forth calling this a fohawk and a mohawk, but since there’s a bit of a fade going on, I decided on the former. If you want to  tote the line between the two styles, try a haircut like this one.

5. The Finger-Combed Fohawk

Who needs a comb when you have beautiful fingers to do your styling for you? This style keeps the hair long on top and relies on you to do some styling with your hand-combs in order to get that nice curve to the hair. That, and a good pomade.

6. The Extreme Fauxhawk


This fohawk doesn’t mess around.The high fade keeps it in our category of choice, but the hair on top is being held aloft by some sort of magic. Or it could be pomade.

7. The Mini Faux Hawk


This style of faux hawk relies on accentuating the center portion of the hair without it looking like the previous entry. This cut is meant to let people know you have a fohawk but it doesn’t throw it in their face.

8. The Brushed up Fohawk

This faux hawk sports a brushed up style that ramps downward into a classic look. There’s not much complexity here, but this is a great and simple way to sport the style.

9. The High Fade Fohawk



This style has a high fade that tapers down to skin quickly. leaving the style on top as the main feature. Tell your barber you ant a high fade on the sides.

10. The Buzz Cut Fohawk

Here we have a fohawk that tapers down quickly and has a buzz cut around the sides and back. The length is tapered, or “faded” down gradually.

11. The Low Fade Fohawk


When you want your faux hawk to go from front-to-back, but you don’t want to look like you’re sporting a mohawk, this is the answer. This is a low fade here, but you can make it tighter if you’d like.

12. The Disconnected Undercut Fohawk


The disconnect here isn’t really needed, but if you like the style, it works well. Otherwise, we have a standard low fade around the fohawk itself.

13. Faux Hawk Fade


I don’t know if I’m allowed to call this a tire tread, but that’s what it looks like. On the right people, this style works, but on others it may end up looking like you got run over by a motorcycle.

Mohawk Fade Hairstyle

Just so we’re clear on which is which, these are some images of mohawks. These are ideal styles for black men with crazy hair ideas. You’ll notice that shaving the sides is a key element of these styles, along with  long length to the hair.




 Mohawks With Style



These pictures help you see the difference between the faux hawk and the mohawk. I think you’ll catch the differences.

Christina Diamond
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Christina Diamond
Christina Diamond
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