In comparison to women’s haircuts, men’s haircuts usually receive less attention. However, this doesn’t make it any less intriguing and edgy. On dicing the men’s haircuts, the flat-top forms the groundbreaking haircut. Black men largely wear flat-top haircuts, but other races also embrace it.

The different flavors of the flat top haircuts

The flat top haircut was quite popular in the 50s, and after that in the 80s and the 90s. This explains the fact that it is considered as an outdated hairstyle by some experts, although it still looks stylish in modern go-to haircuts.

A flat top is usually a high haircut shaped into a box form, either shaved at back and sides or lightly faded. The pictures below shows some of the innovative flat-top styles.

Side Part Flat-Top

It personalizes your hairstyle as it takes advantage of the understated flat-top haircut to set a style apart from the crowd. It features softened edges and a neat side part.

High Flat Top with Angled Front

This kind of hairstyle blends two haircut types: a neat fade cut and a precise angle above your forehead, coming up with a great look.

Black Faded Flat-Top

It features an easy to maintain mid skin fade at the back and along the sides. Due to that fact, the natural texture of black men’s hair easily accommodates such a flattop haircut.

Precision Flat-Top

It is a low, flat top style that is flawless, expertly and precisely cut as shown in the picture. Above the forehead, a perfect right angle is featured to accompany the expertly buzzed back and sides in this flat-top.

Salt and Pepper Seductive Cut

Throughout the hairstyle, a gray and black flat top variation is featured to exhibit how flattering a hair color can be to a haircut. That trick exhibits a less traditional but more free-spirited flat top haircut look.

Neat Casual Flat-Top

Such a style proves that one does not need long hair to have a nice flat top. A short flat top style makes your desire possible even when the hair is not dense or thick enough.

Natural Flat-Top with Designs

There is a lot of attention that a flat-top haircut commands but the style can be taken to the next level through adding some edgy shaved designs. The styles can be placed in various areas. However, the picture shows a flat top with an extended down pointed look that accompanies side designs.

Pompadour Flat-Top

A pompadour is a conservative version with a neatly coiffed appearance often embraced in the past decades. However, it can be combined with a flat top to bring a modern, stylish look. Such a popular formal haircut can be completed with a part at the side.

How to Cut a Flat Top

Its initial styling is straightforward and doesn’t require much. Any barber will be comfortable making and maintaining a flat top since it is attributable a longstanding popular style.

Due to its faded hairline and defined nature, a flat top will need a regular cleaning and polishing as part of its upkeep. If you have confidence in your hair maintenance abilities, you can perform the upkeep at home. Otherwise, we suggest that you search a professional to get this prominent style done.

How to Maintain a Flat Top

Usually, regular visits to the barber will help in most flat top maintenance work. However, few measures can be undertaken at home to ease things.

Individuals having an afro or curlier hair can make some minor tweaks at home without interfering with the style, but, caution should be exercised when using a pair of scissors. You can snip overly kinky or stray hairs but don’t get too creative to spoil the style.

Invest in quality hair products that will nourish your hair. While your hair’s natural texture largely determines the products selection, products that increase the hair’s hold alongside nourishing it are the best.


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