Master Barber

dThere is plenty to be said about men, hair and master barbers. When all there are combined in one sentence – it’s usually a talk about the awful job the hairdresser did.
What can we, mere mortals, do to get a decent cut from a master barber these days?

The Quest for the Master Barber

The journey to find a master barber for your hair might seem desperate, but great tips and hints are everywhere. The Business Insider, for instance, has published an article just for you. The narrative tells you about the things you must tell a barber in order to get the best mens hairstyle and his finest haircut. These amazing hair style tips only work when you’ve found the one, true master barber.

Master Barber
There is plenty to be said about men, hair and barbers. When all there are combined in one sentence – it’s usually a talk about the awful job the hairdresser did.

Luckily, it’s 2016. You can Search Around the Web to Find a Master Barber

We have all read insane gambling facts all across Buzz feed or the Huffington Post, or Forbes. They have a similar trait. There’s only one guy who has won millions. And there’s only one guy who knows a decent master barber with golden scissors and cosmic skills of hair awesomeness. The odds are – it’s the same guy every time.

Here are some advice for you when searching for a master barber:

Use specialized hair care and mens hairstyle forums and group chats to identify the top rated barbers in your area. Google the names of those barbers, check for customer satisfaction reviews. Both good haircut reviews and bad ones count.

Remember one thing, people rarely parse anyone. Neutral comments or the ones highlighting both good and bad sides are legit. Glorious odes might be set up as paid ads or be barber reviews that have been influenced in some way.

Sites like and will be your trusty friends and advisors.

How to Find the Right Barber

Finding the right barber based on online research is only half of the job. You must be prepared to face additional difficulties, when you are in.

      • Seek out confidence. With a razor near your neck – you literally trust your life in the hands of a complete stranger. Be sure his hands are made of solid-steel.
      • Check the barber out. How well does he look? Is he trimmed properly? How is he groomed? Pay attention to his closes. They must be neat and clean as they will mirror his attitude to details.
      • Same goes for the barber shop. Trust me; you really don’t have to deal with the results of a haircut done in a place that looks like a dumpster.
      • Talk to the master. Find out more about his experience. What are his favorite styles? Why did he choose such a craft and if he is pleased with the results? This conversation will set up the right tone naturally. It will also boost the confidence in both of you.
      • The last but not least – don’t rush. You are not obligated to change your entire look in the hands of a new stylist. You are unaware of his possibilities and limitations. Enjoy a simple shave and see if you share some magic together during the process.

Finding a Decent Barber is a Gamble Right?

Just like online casino gamblers ever thought about the question “What does attract people to a gambling site?” There is no unambiguous answer to this question. Someone wants just to relax and to get pleasure from the game, someone wishes to try something new and someone goes to online casino for earning.

Well finding a decent barber is much the same, its a lottery where you try a barber out. If he gives you a good haircut then you win but if not you lose.
So finding a cool haircut designer or barber is like playing at the casino, you lose for a while but then you hit the jackpot just like when you play on your favorite gambling site.

What is a jackpot? This is a big winning prize which is given to the luckiest gamblers of online casino under the certain circumstances. When the gambler make his bet, the certain percent is charged to the profit of online casino and the certain percent is charged to the common amount of jackpot. When you find a good barber you have also hit the jackpot. This is how we roll.

Final Thought

Ultimately the only way to really test a barbers mettle is to offer him the chance to give you a really cool mens haircut. Whether or not you will return to seek his services a second time is really down to him and his master barber skills.

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