For those that have seen the hit show Vikings have probably noticed the awesome insanely-red warrior-esque hairstyle that Travis Fimmel (acting as Ragnar Lothbrok in the series).  What makes him stand out is the man ponytail or top knot braided variation that is accompanied with shaved sides. Although it is better if you possess a muscled body already to fit into the hairstyle, you can try experimenting on Ragnar’s Viking haircut, with the condition of having sufficient hair.

Or instead of pulling off such a hairstyle if you are an average guy that has no muscular frame look like a legit badass, you would probably be better off just enjoying the haircut as you watch it on TV. While most historians argue out on whether the Vikings used this particular men’s haircut, one thing that remains clear amongst the historians is the fact that male Viking really possessed long hair.

Ragnar Lothbrok hairstyle

Replicating Ragnar Lothbrok Hair and Beard

Unless you have plans of acquiring the shaved head or buzz cut that he normally dorns on the show, replicating Lothbrok’s beard and hair would be a daunting task. He normally puts on a bowl-like haircut aka “undercut” and an over the shoulder long hair that is usually tied on the vertex. The vertex is usually tied in what many call a French braid, a kind of braid style that Lothbrok prefers, together with a full beard style that Vikings commonly used for cold protection.

For you to get long hair and beard, you have to be patient for the growth process, live a healthy lifestyle and possess the right genetics. If you are able to achieve that, you could make other guys envious as you apply that style on your hair and beards. For more knowledge on Ragnar Lothbrok’s epic hair that you need to experiment on, check out the pictures in our gallery that show the various thick Viking braids and beards.

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