Men shaved sides hairstyles are generally worn in the summer. Such hairstyles make you feel easy going and refreshed while keeping you sweat-free in hot summer weather. This trend was common in the 1980s and now it’s getting popular among men as well as women.

This type of haircut is also known as a military style cut. The reason is that army personnel from all over the world usually carry such short sided haircuts. These types of hairstyles also suit best for men with curly hair and therefore black men prefer to have shaved sides with curls on top. Apart from curls, you can also have a combination of shaved sides with spikes, with undercut or with slicked back hair.


Shaved Sides with Undercut



Undercut with shaved sides is a perfect combination that finally gives you a cool look. Finally carry your hair from the sides to the center of your head in a faux hawk form.

Slicked back with Shaved Sides



Proper finishing can be done with the help of fingers and you can also apply some hair product. This one is perfect example of Short sides Long Top hairstyles & you can also have it with black hair.

Partially Slicked with Shaved Sides



If you are a fan of hipster hairstyles then you can also try this versatile shaved sided hairstyle for guys. It suits best for school boys with long hair.

In this hairstyle, hair from the top are dropped in the form of angled bangs. For a perfect style, it is recommended that first you should grow your hair in medium to long length.

Ronaldo with Shaved Sides



There were times when Cristiano Ronaldo the famous football player also used to have shaved sided hairstyles with spikes. You can also have shaved lines on sides just like Ronaldo have in his latest hairstyles.

Shaved Sides Swept Back


This style borders on a pompadour, and that’s just fine by me. As you can see, the hair on top is nice and long, but the sides are trimmed down.

Shaved Sides Curly Hair


There’s nothing wrong with curly hair. Never has been, never will be, so don’t be afraid to try a style like this one.

Brushed up, Shaved Sides

Shave down the sides and brush up the hair like this for an epic and suave style. All you need is the courage to make it happen.


Side Parted Shaved Sides

A razor part combined with an undercut doubles the potency of the look. In this image below you can see such a style in action.


Man Bun Shaved Sides Hairstyles


The man bun style has been awesome since the days of the ancient samurai. Here you can see that it still hasn’t lost its groove.

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