Short haircuts are not the only style that is attractive. Medium length hairstyles are often found very attractive. This length style is perfect for men who want to sport a longer haircut without crossing over into an unprofessional or hair maintenance men’s hairstyle.

This length haircut allows for maximum versatility and many different choices in hairstyles. Easy medium length haircuts for men are versatile because there are several different styles you can go with. For an example, there are messy hairstyles, spiky hairstyles, and slicked back hairstyles.


Curly Medium Length Hairstyles

Curly hair can also be easily managed with a short to medium length haircut. Products such as FX Surf Head Paste, can be used to give a messy look if your hair is naturally thin and curly. Simply apply a small amount of product into your hands and work it through your hair, then style your hair with your hands or brush.


Zac Efron Medium Hairstyle

The slicked back hairstyle works well for men with a round facial shape, like Zac Efron. Slicked back hairstyles are easy to style, and only really require one hair product and a brush. Try using a hair pomade after shampooing and condition your hair. Use the product to slick back your hair in the desired style and let it hair dry.


Asian Medium Hairstyles

For this hairstyle or similar ones, you can use products like GATSBY Grunge Mat Hair Wax. Apply this product throughout your hair and add texture by pulling small pieces of hair in a downward pinching motion.


High and Wavy

This style can be achieved by apply a hair cream, like Billy Jealousy Forming Cream, on damp hair and gently brushing the hair back without pressing down on the head. Then use your hands to move the hair in same direction to soften the look and style.


Messy and Swept

In this particular style the hair is parted partially in the middle, so that the hair is kept off from the face. This style can be professional as well as casual.


Spiky Medium Haircut

If you love spikes then this is one of the best options for you. These hairstyles for men can also look good for men with thinner hair. A great product for this hairstyle is the Bed Head Manipulator by TIGI.


Medium Afro Style


Nothing wrong with growing your hair out, especially if you can sport an afro like this. Take care of it, and let it grow.

Redhead Wavy Hairstyle


Wavy hair is best worn with a medium style like this one. Let the waves do the work.

Young Leonardo’s Medium Hairstyle

This was back when Leo was young and doing films like Titanic. This parted style is one that I’ve been wearing for some time now because my hair refuses to do anything different.


Christina Diamond
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