Dreadlock styles for men were initially common in some areas because of their culture, but now these are widely adopted with natural hair and with extensions.  Today we’re looking at some of the finest and trendy dreadlocks hairstyles for men in 2016. If you are planning to have dreadlocks then make sure that the method you use is best suited to your hair as well as your budget.

Basically there are two ways to get dreads: one is natural way and the other is a chemical or artificial way. In this post you will see some of the most amazing male dreadlock hairstyles and ways to get them.


1. Hairstyles for small dreadlocks


short dreadlock hairstyles for men 2014

Mohawk dread style for men

Initially when your dreads are short they are not in a refined form. You have to adopt the style that will not only keep them in original dread form but also easy to maintain.

2. Hairstyles for Medium Dreadlocks

Whether you have thick coarse hair dreads, or fine hair dreads, you can have a black men dread style as well.

This hairstyle is perfect for thin dreadlocks as it is a soft dreadlock hairstyle. It will require some time and practice.

twisted dread hairstyles for men


Throwing in Some Accessories


dread hairstyle for medium length hairs


Why don’t you use some beads or rings to beautify your dreads? Believe me it will look awesome unless they are used in a limited number. Use some rings to fit on them and tie it all together.

3. Hairstyles for long dreadlocks

One of the main disadvantages of long dreadlocks is that you cannot have variations in their styles. Even so, below are some ways by which you can show them off.

Use hair accessories available especially for dreadlocks. From this style you may notice that extra thick dreads will not look bad if styled properly. Jason momoa hairstyles dreadlock 2014

formal dreadlock hairstyles

Keeping Your Dreadlocks in Check



latest men dreadlock hairstyles 2015

This would be the nicest choice for semi-formal to formal function on which you want a sophisticated look. Use a bandana like the one in the picture to tie all your dreads together regardless if they are thick or thin. If they are too long then make a loose low bun of them and you are ready.


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