It is clear to many men that growing a beard is a cool and wonderful thing. However, don’t assume that the beards will take care of themselves if you leave it.

Some find growing a beard to a certain length and going to a barber to trim to a defined shape it is enough to cater for the beard. But, the reality is that the maintenance work is far from over since you will expect to get natural phases of itching often. When it reaches that level, a bearded man will fear the risk of getting dreaded dandruff.

What is Beard Dandruff?

Before we commence on the discussion as a surfer, stay comfortable releasing that there are also several people who realize snowy dust specs on their jumper when scratching the beards. Although many people tend to compare them with small pastry crumbs that are common in the morning, dandruff is actually untreated, trapped, and dry skin that is allocated behind the skin. Evidently, it is a yeast development that results to scaling, flakes and inflamed redness in more severe cases (Seborrheic dermatitis).

There are rumors, environmental elements like stress and cold weather have an impact on dandruff. But evidence suggests that most bearded men in Antarctic who work outdoors don’t develop many flakes on their face rapidly.

The importance of a regular wash

It is not advisable to utilize a regular hair shampoo when managing the problem, irrespective of the extent to which dandruff has penetrated. Unless it is an anti-dandruff shampoo, these harsh detergent may appear to temporary solve the problem but will clog the pores and aggravate the sensitivity of your face’s skin. Always remember that on your morning routine when attending to your beard.

Try to find something that treats the problem as well as the skin underneath the facial hair. A good beard shampoo will contain no harsh detergents but will remain gentle on your skin while removing pollutants. Here at Men’s Hairstyles Club we recommend one of the three beard shampoos below:

In addition, whenever you are massaging your beards, make sure you dig deep beneath the beards down towards your skin. Thoroughly wash your beards so that they remain clean.

Thorough Skincare

To thoroughly maintain a good skin care, don’t underestimate the value that products that are not tailored for beards bring. Once in a while, you can clear away dead skin cells that might be clogged beneath your facial hair through a nice facial scrub. Apart from that, any oil that is joined with dirt behind your beard will also be cleansed through such products.

Daily treatment using a beard conditioner

beard conditioner is also a daily essential that any modern man keens on grooming needs. Its grease-free and uniquely light formula enables it to permeate with ease through the beard to the skin thereby hydrating, softening and protecting it from dandruff development. As a result, it combats brittle hair and minimizes skin irritation as well which is uncommon for cleansers that are untailored for beards.

Don’t forget to brush

While your beards are still damp, you can go ahead and firmly comb it from top to bottom using boar bristle brush. This exercise will clear blocked areas as it frees up any tangled hair. It will also help you isolate rogue hairs that you can easily trim off as you leave your home.

Check our article on how to choose a beard comb.

Avoid synthetic haircare and skincare products

By now you are aware that it is wise to avoid anything that has synthetic coloring and additives when you want to apply to your face regularly. When such ingredients are encompassed into beard products, they can generate bad skin reactions. But, if you use a beard shampoo you will not need to wary as you will make your beards softer and healthier.

And finally…

Find an expert barber that you can seek advice on the growth and condition of your beards to properly maintain them.

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