Have you tried looking at the David Beckham haircut list? It’s a long one, the man changes his style like the seasons. I have to admit, though, he looks good every time.

Trying out a new hairstyle has a wonderful effect on any man! It makes him look a lot more stylish and attractive. To create an all-new look or make a new style statement a good hairstyle is what you need. Let’s take a look at some really cool celebrity hairstyles that the iconic David Beckham himself has been sporting.





1. David Beckham’s Messy Hairstyle

Another close look will make it clear that neat and clean cuts are out the window and our very own “Hair Icon” is going with ‘messy’ this year.

Beckham here has managed to style his medium length hair by opting for top styled back and avoiding slick back style. If you notice, the sides are cut short but not completely so. The back has short length hair, too.

To be spot on with this tousled style, you’ll need a good product to keep it in check. What you need is a premium matte hair product rather than a glossy or a lustrous one. A fiber based cream that’s pliable is the perfect product to pick. American Crew Fiber Pliable Molding Cream is definitely worthy of a mention.


A Style for Every Type of Hair

With the perfect styling product, you can rework your style all day. This is probably the best advantage of opting for a David Beckham messy hair look with a matte finish.

Also, this style will work for all hair types, be it fine or thick. It will go nicely for a back cut or even wavy hair too. Just make sure your hair is cut right and you’re all set.



2. The Buzz Cut


Here we see David sporting a classic buzz cut. Nothing too fancy here, but his hair is a lot lighter than we’re used to. Maybe that blonde with him had something to do with it? Jealous, ladies?

3. The Brushed Up Undercut


While I sincerely doubt Beckham actually reads the newspaper, this shot has him posing with a brushed up undercut style. Notice the low fade on the sides that leads right into his sideburns. Classy!

4. The Caesar Cut

While he’s wearing it a little long, this is clearly a Caesar Cut, which is something I didn’t expect to see David sporting. He’s wearing it with a long top and a little brush up at the front, but this the Roman emperor’s style through and through, albeit it a modern version.


5. The Comb Over


David, I’m shocked! Where are you going, to a job interview? Here we have the Beckster sporting a cut that would make James Bond jealous. Come to think of it, I would like to see him replace Daniel Craig. Just saying, it would be interesting.

6. The Faux Hawk


I don’t even know who you are anymore! This faux hawk is nice, but it’s not something I expected from David Beckham. This hairstyle is extremely popular, though, so I see why he would give it a shot.

7. The Slicked Back Disconnected Undercut

Contrary to what you may think, that title isn’t one of David’s soccer moves. Instead, it’s a nice disconnect with the hair slicked back to it’s out of his eyes.


8. The Low Fade


This style has Beckham sporting some stubble and a short cut with a low fade that blends with his facial hair.

Also, if you want to get the complete look like David Beckham does, do pay attention to your sides and beard, too. A light, well maintained beard will complement the messy hairstyle perfectly.

So, go on and get styling! It’s indeed your hairstyle that’s going to give you an all-new look and Beckham-like style!

Be sure to tell us which David Beckham haircut is your favorite in the comments below!

Christina Diamond
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Christina Diamond
Christina Diamond
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