There is no denying that fades are very popular because of the versatility that it offers. There are many different kinds of fades each having a distinct style. A temp fade haircut usually has the most hair length on the top and gradually decreases towards the sides and nape of the neck.

Given the different types of fade cut like bald fade, dark Caeser, low fades, and high top fades if you are looking for a business casual hairstyle. You should definitely opt for a temple fade haircut. Temple fades are popular by different names like Afro temp fade, Blowout, and Brooklyn Fade.

1. Pauly D’s Afro temp fade


2. Temp fade for guys

Notice here here how the cut is incredibly precise and tight around the forehead and temples. Notice how the hair around the ear fades in a burst style.


3. Sophisticated Cut


Here we have another cut where this guy knows he’s on point. This tight cut around the forehead and temples looks sophisticated and stylish.

4. Neatly faded style

Fades are interesting because they have this incredible look where the hair literally fades. Again, you see the geometric angles at the temple.


5. short sides long top with beard


A great hairstyle with a beard is one of the most fierce combinations a man can have. Here we have a perfect example.

6. Classy sideburns

Classy is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. Here though, I think it fits, don’t you?


7. Blow out temple fades


The blowout is a hard style to get without professional help, but this is an example of how awesome it can look. The detail here is just incredible.

8. Modern Caesar cut style

Ah yes, the classic Caesar style. Combining it with a temple fade truly makes you look like a modern Roman emperor.


9. Blown out


I often make a joke about certain hairstyles looking like the wearer went through a hurricane. This is one of those moments. Even so, it looks cool!

10. Golden brown temp fades


Oh boy, when you’ve got wavy hair a temple fade can do wonders for your look! This style shows off the wave on top and has the temple fade on the sides for a perfect combination.

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