Men’s hairstyles come in different forms. The list of styles cannot be exhausted since there can be various customized forms of each of these cool hair designs for men. One of these haircuts and styles is the comb over fashion.

You may be looking at this comb over hairstyle as one that is reserved for the elderly men. Well, this may apply for some variations of the hairstyle where the “combed over” hair is done to hide a bald spot. Altogether, this is a vintage-like style where your hair is combed to one side.

Classic Comb-Over Hair


Defining the comb-over hairstyle

  • Before getting the comb over cut on your head, you need to know what it is. Ideally, a comb over hairstyle is one where your hair will be combed towards one side in a way that pairs it a hard side area.
  • It is almost the same as a standard side part, although the swept look brings out the difference in appearance.
  • This hairstyle is usually paired together with other amazing hairstyles for men such as an undercut and then fashioned to your taste.

comb over hairstyle


  • The comb over style provides you with volume through its construction.
  • While your hair is not many inches long, it gives a look of much hair on your head.
  • The modern comb-over is a great choice for a fashionable hairdo that is somewhat easy to keep.
  • It will take you about 5 minutes to perfectly style it and will not require much from you for its maintenance.
  • It is ideal for wavy or straight hair that is either thick or fine.
  • It can suit both oval and square face shapes.

hairstyle comb-over


Procedure of getting the comb-over hairstyle

Step 1 – Make sure that your hair’s length is about 2-4 inches, especially on the top part of your head. However, it all depends on the amount of volume you require. It can be longer or shorter and make volume adjustments as you please.

side clipped hairstyle


Step 2 – Your sides can then be clipped using any type of setting. However, the number 4 to number 6 setting is highly recommendable for this kind of hairstyle. If not, you can ask your barber to do a fade or an undercut to make the comb over hairstyle a highly contrasting cut distinguishing it from hipster haircut styles.

hipster haircut styles


Assisted by your barber, you can ask for what is commonly known as a hard part. This basically is a well-cut line through your hair with the help of a razor in order to give a highly defined part. The hard part makes the line separating the hair highly noticeable. A natural part would not be highly pronounced as this one. However, this will depend on your choice and preferences.

best hair pomades


Step 3 – styling your hair. Use one of the best hair pomades for your comb over hairstyle in order to style it. Apply the pomade to your hair after drying it with a towel and in a somewhat damp condition. Work in meticulously.

comb-over cut


Step 4 –  brush or comb your hair to either of the sides, but mainly away from the part. The applied pomade will assist in keeping it in place and cause it to shine. This marks the end of your comb-over cut.



If you so wish, you can comb your top hair backward in an upward position to make a small pompadour. The style that will result will be a combination of a side part, a comb over and a pompadour.

popular haircut styles


Step 5 – This step is useful if you choose to have a combination of the popular haircut styles named above. You need to blow dry your front hair to keep it in place.

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