Oh no! Nobody is talking about your grandpa’s comb over here. The old school comb over haircut mostly adorned by politicians or business men is something we all like to detest. A different kind of comb over hairstyle is extending its branches among men these days. It has a side part in which hair are combed over to one side whether right or left is up to you with well-defined edges conveying the fusion of old and the modern look. Celebrities like Christian Bale and George Clooney can be noticed with these modern looks.

In comb over hairstyles, generally the hairs at the front are kept longer whereas the sides and back are tapered. Bald men usually like this hair style as it gives them opportunity to cover up their bald patches and receding hairlines. Mostly men become really conscious when they get to know that people are noticing their baldness. They put in their best efforts to comb over styles as they want to cherish the feeling that despite the baldness they still look good to others and also to themselves in the mirror. The front hairs are combed in such a way that the exposed baldness can be covered with the hair in front. Many youngsters also adore this hairstyle to look modish. You can style your comb over in a side part fashion or keep it straight and simple.

What’s great about comb over haircut is that you can add your own personal touch to it by creatively styling it. If elegance along with some style is what you want, go for comb over hairstyles as they are among the top trends in men’s hairstyles in 2015.

Here are some pictures of comb over hairstyles that you can wear and look neat and classy!

1. David Beckhem’s Cool Comb Over Hairstyle

David Beckhem's Cool Comb Over Hairstyle

2. Hard Part Comb Over Fade StyleHard Part Comb Over Fade Style

3. Clipped over comb with a beard

clipped over comb with beard

4. George Clooney’s comb over

clooney's combover

5. Comb over fade haircut


6. Justin Timberlake’s comb over

justin timberlake's combover

7. Shaved side comb over

shaved side combover

8. Short sides comb over


9. Comb Over Side part


10. Long top with short sides wavy comb over

long-top-short-sides-wavy-combover hairstyle

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