The combover fade haircut has a lot of variety to it and happens to be among the most popular hairstyle trends among men in 2016. Generally, in a faded haircut, hairs on the top are the longest and beginning from the nape of the neck length of hair gradually increases towards the top and the sides.

Combover Fade hairstyles are usually popular among balding or bald men. In a Combover Fade hairstyle, the length of the top hair is longer and it is either combed over in a side part or slicked back.

best combed over fade look

Pompadour Combover

The pompadour is back, and now you can combine it with a combover and a razor part! Who wouldn’t want this look?

comb over formal look

Combover for Asian Men

Asian men, who wants a combover? This example shows that even thin and fine hair can pull this look off.

Comb Over Hairstyle 2015

The Gentleman’s Combover Fade Haircut

combed over fade look with a beard

Curly mustache with a combover? You might as well just accept the gentlemen’s award right now.

Large Pompadour High Fade

This combover gives all of the love to the pompadour on top. The high fade keeps the focus high.

combed over side part

Combover Fade With Light Beard

combover hairstyle with a line_ all angles

As you can see, combovers play well with facial hair. Feel free to grow out the beard a bit.

Wet Combover Low Fade

latest combed over fadecut

Some people aren’t fans of the wet hair look because it requires a lot of product. If you can pull it off though, it looks good with a style like this.

Brushed Up Combover Fade

A windswept combover like this one is perfect for those of us sporting wavy hair. Let the hair do the work and enjoy the style!

new combed over fade style

I’m Seeing Double Combover Fade

This image had me doing a double-take. As you can see, this look is awesome from both directions.

polished sideparted fade hairstyle

Close Up on Combover With Razor Part

shaved line in comb over fade

If we go in for a closer look, you can see that the razor part is literally down to the scalp. Share this list with your friends and family on social media!

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