Are you looking forward to adorning a timeless and classic hairstyle at the same time? Then this is it. These classic side part hairstyles owe their popularity to the versatility it endows on any kind of hair. It will make you look clean, neat, and classy. This single hairstyle has innumerable variations.

It doesn’t matter whether you have messy or sleek hair, straight or curly, long or modern fade cuts, you will definitely find the right side part for yourself.


2- Classic Slick side part

Let’s start with an absolute classic. This is how the whole look started, and it’s where everything else evolved from.


3- Wavy hair side part



Are you sporting stylish wavy hair? Try out this side part for a vintage look that never goes out of style!

4- Chris Evans side part

Who better to give you hair advice than Captain America himself? Chris Evans is proving that this look never goes out of style.


5- Slick side part hairstyle



If you’re looking to use a little product, you can achieve this look in mere minutes. Give it a try next time you style your hair!

6- Classy classic side part

This style calls to mind a hipster hairstyle variation of the classic side part. There’s a small flourish to it that sets it apart from the others.


7- Classic side part with modern beard



Side part hairstyles are practically begging for a beard to pair them with.  Hair on the top and bottom of your head is always a good thing.

8- Side part Undercut for short hair length

Undercut hairstyles are in right now, and if you combine it with a side part, you just won the game of life. I mean, just look at this guy?


9- Beckham’s side part



Oh Beckham, you have one of the best athletic hairstyles in 2016. Follow this guy if you want classy style on point!

10- Wetty classic style



This requires a lot of product to hold in place, but you can’t deny the classy look. Look at the tiny pompadour, it’s so adorable!

11- Robert-Redford’s side part

If it’s black-and-white, it’s classic. Go by that logic and you’ll always find amazing vintage hairstyles for choose from.


12- Dashing Side Part for Boys



Bring on the side part hairstyles! Share this list with your friends and family so they can help you pick the style for you!

Christina Diamond
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Christina Diamond
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