No matter what trends come and go, the classic old school haircuts for men remain a firm favorite. You can always create a buzz when you enter a room with your slicked back and slightly parted hair, just like the Hollywood heroes of yore.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd of trendy teenagers and men in modern hairstyles, go for these classic old school looks for men in 2016, all with a guide on how to achieve the same look yourself!


Slicked Back Hair

Would you believe that this classic look has been around for more than 100 years? If you want the 1950s look sported by most of the major Hollywood heartthrobs of that time, then you would want it slicked back with a side parting.


The Businessman cut

This old school hairstyle has a side part on the top with a tapered cut on the sides and back. This is a professional haircut that started in the early 21st century.



The Side part




Here, you would first make a part on either the left side or right side of your head above your temples. To pull off this haircut, you would need a good pomade, preferably water soluble, that can hold your hair well on the side without letting it fall over as well as give it a wet look.

Crew Cut


The crew cut is a shorter version of the Ivy League cut.  The hair in the front is left longer than the rest of the head.

Ivy League Cut


The Ivy League haircut is the chosen style for people who are looking for a professional look. It is named after the Ivy League schools like Harvard and Yale and represents a cut fitting of those places.

Side Swept

side-swept-hairstyle great-gatsby-side-swept

A side swept cut is much like a side part with a few differences. The part is still on the side of the head, but pomade is used to sweep the hair in a direction instead of parting it or slicking it back.

Undercut Style


The undercut has made a huge return in today’s modern hairstyles for men. It originated in the past as a bowl cut where the sides and back are a drastically different length from the top of the head.

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