Bullseye Haircuts

All in all, there are only so little ways for a guy to express himself. A decent haircut is, indeed one of the best solutions. Did you ever wonder why top players from Wall Street are willing to pay more to their barber then to a tailor or an Italian shoe maker? A guy who is blessed with great hair can grow his hair long or keep his hair style short, neat and finely trimmed.

Choosing a cool hairstyle

With truly great hair a lot of style options tend to present themselves upon a visit to the barber. Choice and being unsure what style to adopt is part of the style problem. What kind of haircut is a man to adopt. Outward appearance and first impression matters a great deal and hair is part of that. Deciding on a cool mens hairstyle is no easy task.

Because hair matters a lot – that’s why. There isn’t a tux in this world that’s gorgeous enough to hide poorly trimmed locks from the crowd. You’ll have more luck winning the jackpot in a casino than going out to the world where people won’t pay attention to your appearance.

Sadly, having great hair is easier said than done. The internet is blowing up from photos of models and trendy styles. There is a catch – all of those hot males had professional care and their style was adapted to their face type, eyes, eye brows, ears and so on and so forth. If something looks great on a random dude – there’s no telling how the same thing will look on you!

Sadly you can’t know if a particular trim suits you well unless you try it out… Unless you can!

So How Should a Man Choose a Great Haircut Without Trying it on?

A great hairstyle should continue your very essence. It has to illuminate your look; it should grab attention by pulling your style together. The hair compliments the rest of a mans’s style and appearance perfectly, that is the goal here.

Choosing a cool hairstyle great haircut

A hairstyle is the finishing touch of a masterpiece that you are. Here’s how you make the right choice fair in advance. Let’s make your hair fit like a glove.

  • Face shape! If we are talking oval – feel free to try classic short cuts with an undercut and longer locks on the top. Side swept or not – it matters little as long as you don’t wear the hair on your forehead. Sharpen the angles and volume on top – that’s a safe bet. If your face is round make your hair point up. Make your head slightly longer with short sides and a messy V-cut. Square faces are great with everything. Your chin is as hot as the sun on its own. Don’t bother with the rest.
  • Hair texture! Wavy locks rock as their very volume and movement make every cut pretty. Straight hair should be polished t perfection but not slicked back. Straight hair screams of classics straight away. Follow that feel. And if we are talking curvy – go for an undercut (edgier version).

Yeah, these hair style tips are petty minimal, but the whole point of writing them was to guide you in the right direction. You know the basics of great looks and you know how they work for you. So no need for experiments – just play your own game.