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It is vital for any person growing beards to find out the how’s and why’s of using a beard combs. You may ask, “Could any old comb that I have in the house do the job?” Well! If you are not keen and just want a shoddy beard combing, then, the answer will be, ‘Yes!’ but if you want the high-quality maintenance of your beards, then, you will have to acquire high-quality tools. Don’t worry we are here to aid you to keep your beards in good condition.

To further substantiate on that question, old combs are cheaply made and can be found everywhere at reasonable prices. Arguably, regarding beard maintenance, cheap combs are the worst thing you can use on your beards as it will ruin them. It is advisable to leave your beards uncombed instead of using an el cheapo comb.

The following are the reason why it is the case.

Stamp Press vs. Hand Cut

A large press characteristically defines the cheap combs since they tend to stamp out from one product to the other. As a result, along each tooth of the comb are microscopic jagged edges. It isn’t funny since using these mass produced combs to run through your beards can tear your beards hair follicles. Even worse is that you run the risk of static and split ends tangles which would be painful especially in the morning as you are getting out through the door.

Additionally, you may buy a cheapie comb on your local store shelf and deceive yourself that you are saving several bucks only to find later out it snaps into two after few days. As a result, cheap combs tend to break easily making you make trips to your store constantly. In another way, the teeth of such combs easily break, exacerbating the tugging and pulling damage to your beard.

However, hand cut combs occupy operate in a different way. Such combs are built with sturdier material like horn and wood. Also, it has individually seen cut teeth that eliminate the chances of getting jagged edges as factory stamp-pressed models. The saw cut combs would be polished after they are cut. As a resultant, there will be an aggravation-free smooth combing experience.

Try running your fingers over a handmade comb’s teeth and see it won’t move because of its firmness. But, if you try the same procedure on a cheap plastic comb you will notice easy movement at the teeth.

Teeth width

Although checking the production process is vital when purchasing a beard comb, the comb’s material and teeth width should also be looked. Avoid using a hair comb to groom your beards since its teeth are not spaced apart enough to allow it to glide through coarser beards. On the other hand, depending on the coarseness/ thickness of the beards, various beard combs are available with different teeth spacing.

Coarser and curly beards require wider spaced teeth while softer beards will need closer spaced teeth. All-in-All the coarseness and the length of your beard will be the main determinant in finding the best beard comb.

Beard Comb Materials

Beard combs can be built using several materials. One of them is the cheap and poor quality plastic materials as discussed, while the rest are highlighted below:

Wood: it remains a common material for manufacturing beard combs and a nice option for those serious about beard care. They are good looking, come with a varied teeth width and are handcrafted to avoid the pull and tug rough edges. You should always check on the quality of wood when purchasing one, but it’s only detrimental feature is that it is not waterproof.

Metal: some may ask, metal honestly? Yes, there are combs available in the market that have been built using metal, but it is wise to avoid them. They are not anti-static and lack smoothly cut edges implying that they can launch an all-out attack on beard follicles.

Cellulose-Acetate: it is simply not a big jargon word but rubber material used to make beard combs. It is the best material for making a beard comb. Such combs are easy to clean and don’t generate any static. Due to those attributes, cellulose acetate makes best and high-quality beard combs.

A final word…

So, that’s it beard fellows! Remember that combing your beard entails more than the normal combing. You should acquire the right arsenal, which is having the right comb. It entails using a beard comb that is built from the right material using the appropriate making method and having the right teeth width.

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