The Channing Tatum haircut style is widely adopted by men these days. He is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. The G.I. Joe star has a strong female following, which is largely due to his endearing sense of style.

Although Magic Mike has high quality and thick hair, he prefers to keep it. He has never really gone crazy with his hair and maintains a consistent look on most occasions. His hairstyles are quintessential men’s favorites as they require the least grooming and are easily manageable.

Channing Tatum Crew Cut 1

1- Crew Cut

Channing Tatum Crew Cut 2

Channing Tatum’s crew cut has always been his go-to style. From his high school to his modelling days and at multiple occasions as an actor, he has sported the classic crew cut.

2- Buzzed

buzzed haircut has also been sported by the Jump Street star quite often. The hair is kept very short throughout the scalp.

Channing Tatum Buzzed 2

Channing Tatum Buzzed 1

3- Faux hawk

Channing Tatum Faux Hawk 1

Channing Tatum Faux Hawk

The Foxcatcher star donned the popular faux hawk during his earlier years. This cut is quite similar to a crew cut with the only difference being that the hair on the back of the head is not buzzed.

4- The Side part

Channing Tatum Side Part 1

Channing Tatum Sidepart 2

Channing Tatum has evolved as an actor over the course of his career. He has also started supporting different hairstyles either due to role requirements or a change in personal tastes.

5- Let the hair grow

Let the Hair Grow 1

Let the Hair Grow 2

The star has been growing his hair lately. He was recently seen sporting a bedhead that looked more stylish than unkempt. Of course, his personality and looks played a part.

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