Black men hairstyles are thought to be typical but they really are trendy with modifications that give fashioned appearance to black men. This post will guide you through trendy black men hairstyles in 2016.

These hairstyles are different from traditional hairstyles for African American men hairstyles as they do not include those with braids cornrows, braids and dreadlocks. So you can have these styles as prom hairstyles for formal functions.


Simple Buzzcut Style

Adonis Bosso does not require an introduction. He stared his modeling at the very early age of 17 and is now one of the top models with African American roots.



Natural Curls

Henry Pedro Wright is another famous model and inspirational personality among youngsters. His styles are also very trendy and change according to the latest fashion.


Flat Top

If you think of African American athletes then Norris Cole is an important name that you can not exclude. He is a famous basketball player who is playing for the Miami Heat team.


Fade Cut

How we could forget to tell you about his hairstyles? Have a look at his fade cut hairstyle. This is perfect option for those who avoid messy hairs and want to have short hairstyles.


Crew Cut

Crew cut is a famous style this year not only for Black men but also among all other men. The inspirational male model we have chosen for this style is Sacha M’Baye.



Modified Buzz

Tidiou M’Baye is another black male model who was scouted by his brother Sach M’Baye. His hairstyle that we have selected is the modified buzz.


Great Afro

Afro is among traditional and trendy hairstyles for black men 2014 and is worn perfectly by Ysham Jackson. He is another upcoming model who appears super fascinating in his afro.


The Businessman’s Twist

This is a traditional twist style with, wait for it, a twist! Sorry, but this look is stylish, and it fits in a business setting.


The Silver Gentlemen


Morgan Freeman in the house! Even if your hair is going grey, you can wear it short and proud with this style.

The Flat Top


Flat top styles have been around for a huge amount of time. This style never goes out, so feel free to sport these black men hairstyles at your leisure!

Christina Diamond
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Christina Diamond
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