The different styles of flat top haircuts

In comparison to women’s haircuts, men’s haircuts usually receive less attention. However, this doesn’t make it any less intriguing and edgy. On dicing the men’s haircuts, the flat-top forms the groundbreaking haircut. Black men...

The most popular 1940s men’s hairstyles

The forties are considered a major time in history since the World War 2 took the biggest portion of it. Even more interesting is that the war influenced many of the 40’s hairstyle which...
Julian Edelman

The Best Of Julian Edelman’s Haircuts

Are you aware of Julian Edelman, Patriot’s wide collector, who comes up with nice haircuts that normally form the trend? His “manicured” look kind of hair is a striking feature that normally earns him...
Hair Trends 2017

10 Simple and Quick Hairstyles for Men This Year

You are tired and had a long day and moreover not in the mood to dress up and step outside to attend the party or social gathering you are invited to, but you decide...
High Fade HairCut With Natural Medium Lengths

Natural Hairstyles for Men That Inspire

If you are a guy blessed with awesome natural hair and are looking for some fresh inspiration then take note of these stunning mens hair designs right now that are awesome style ideas for...
Barber tips 2017

Getting a New Haircut: Things You Need to Tell your Barber

Reminisce about the last time you went for a haircut. Were you let down by these guys? The summer of 2017 is well on its way and chances are you are looking for a...
Brooklyn Beckham Hairstyle

Get the Latest Brooklyn Beckham Hairstyle for Summer

Brooklyn Beckham, son of David and Victoria Beckham, unveiled his new haircut. It seems like Brooklyn’s haircut is channeling a younger version of his father. The eldest son of the Beckham’s was spotted leaving LAX with a shaggy do, which really makes him resemble his father. Brooklyn’s hairstyle is just missing the blonde highlights that [...]

What Hair Accessories to Wear with Your Hairstyle for Maximum Impact

Got a new haircut or a new hair style and are wondering how to pair it with your wardrobe for maximum effect? We have you covered. Here are some popular men's hairstyles and the...
Bullseye Haircuts

Bull’s-Eye Haircuts: How Do You Know Your Style Fits You Before Actually Cutting The...

All in all, there are only so little ways for a guy to express himself. A decent haircut is, indeed one of the best solutions. Did you ever wonder why top players from Wall...
Thick Hairstyles for Men For Men in 2017

20+ Incredible Hairstyles for Men With Thick Hair in 2017

There is so much you can do with thick hair and it always seems to look the coolest. These are our top picks for hairstyles for men with thick hair as we head into 2017. Cool Medium Hairstyle For Thick Hair This is a very cool hairstyle to get if you have medium length thick [...]