Bryce Harper is a baseball player for the Washington Nationals, but you probably already knew that. What you may not know is how many different types of hairstyles he’s been sporting over the years.

Bryce tends to favor a combination of facial hair and a slicked back undercut style. He has nice thick hair, which makes it easy to work with styles like these. Keep that in mind as you choose which style is right for you and your hair.

bryce-harper-brushed-up8 Bryce Harper Hairstyles

Everyone is human too, so don’t be afraid to bring in a picture of the Bryce Harper haircut you’re looking for. Many talented barbers can work with a picture alone and recreate the style you want.


1. The Grey Look


This style blew up Instagram when Bryce posted it. At first people thought he modified the picture somehow, but it turns out that this was a conscious decision on his part.

2. Long on Top, Short on the Sides


The long on top, short on sides hairstyle works especially well for those with long and thick hair. In this case, Bryce is drenching his face with water while sporting his classic slicked back hair and thin beard.

3. Brushed Up Look


What am I going to do with all this hair? Bryce asked. Well, apparently he’s just going to brush it up or “spike” it as many would say. This calls to mind the blowout look, only with less gel, which I support wholeheartedly.

4. The Batman Man Bun Look


The man bun style looks good on men with long faces, but if you have a round face, it doesn’t compliment your shape as well. I always make the comparison of a samurai and a sumo wrestler.

5. Razor Parted Pompadour


With all of these man buns and slicked back styles, the last thing I thought I would see is a pompadour, but here we are. Bryce is sporting a surprisingly well done razor parted pompadour here with a high fade.

6. Messy Side Part


I say messy because the back of his head didn’t get the memo. Even so, Bryce is sporting a side part here that he can use for his classic hair flip that he does when he scores a home run.

7. Slicked Back Undercut


Shave off the sides and keep the top long. Take that top and brush it back. You’re done, that’s all you need for this Bryce Harper hairstyle. The undercut is a huge style right now that every man and his grandfather are sporting.

8. The Messy Undercut


The thing about undercuts is that they tend to focus the attention on the top of your head. Here Bryce doesn’t seem like he knows what to do with the top of his head.

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