The best boys hairstyles of 2016 are the ones that take today’s looks and give them a version that today’s youth can wear with confidence. Even young boys want to express themselves, so let them with today’s finest hairstyles!

Today we’ll look at the latest trending looks for young boys in 2016. These styles are sure to make the other kids jealous. They’ll give you, and your son confidence as they head into the next school year.


1. Curly Boy’s Hairstyles

If your son has natural curls, this is a no-brainer. This kind of style looks awesome for young men any day of the week.


2. Faux Hawk Boys Haircut


The faux hawk is something that has been gaining popularity lately. It takes the simple look of a mohawk and adds a little more class.

3. Hipster boys hairstyle


Hipsters are usually made, not born. That being said, you can adopt the same kind of style on your son without problems!

4. Johnny Bravo Boy’s Hair


If you’re old enough to remember Johnny Bravo, then you’re good in my book. This style works great for boys who have straight hair.

5. Mohawk Hairstyles for Boys


This is kind of a slanted mohawk that looks good on young men. The short sides look good with a hairstyle like this.

6. Pompadour Hairstyle


Ah yes, the pompadour hairstyle. While your kid probably shouldn’t have a huge pomp, this is a cool style to ease them into.

7. Side Swept Boys Haircut


The side swept style is one that looks awesome on young boys. It’s also simple to fix up in the morning.

8. Simple and Clean


Simple and clean is the mantra that we should all live by. This style looks awesome on young boys like this one.

9. Undercut Fringe Hairstyle

Uh-oh, now we’re entering into some seriously modern territory. Not to fret though, even an undercut can work in moderation.


Christina Diamond
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Christina Diamond
Christina Diamond
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