When someone tells you they want an undercut hairstyle, they’re not being weird, it’s a real thing. A disconnected undercut is when the sides are much shorter than the top, so you can relax and stop wondering what’s going on.

It’s actually a pretty awesome style with a lot of versatility. Unlike a fade, these hair styles go straight from long on the top, to short on the sides and back. No gradual decrease, it’s instantaneous. Let’s check out some of the most popular ways you can use this style in 2015.



1- Slicked Back


Simple, yet elegant. The slicked back looked never ceases to be relevant. In this type of haircut, the contrast between the length of the top and the length of the sides/back makes it look like you did more than just throw your hair back and call it a day.

2- Fringes/ Bangs


The contrast is less pronounced in this type of style, but it still works. You get all of the loving from long hair on the top, without the messy look of long hair down the sides and back. It’s a good look for those who want very little maintenance.

3- Puffy/Pompadour

The puffy look here, or in one case the classic pompadour, are only achieved through the use of a hair dryer to fluff up the air before you put product in it. You can go with a stylized pomp or embrace the puff like Bruno Mars up there.

4- Back Bun



If you’re already rocking the slicked back undercut, a transition to a back bun or the samurai knot as I like to call it, is simple. Now, this isn’t a hair style for every kind of gentlemen. You have to be realistic in some cases to avoid making a bad style choice.

5- Layered

This is the perfect hair cut for all the old school men out there. The layered look says you mean business, and you know exactly what business you’re in. This style works in a variety of situations and professions. You can look and feel good at the same time.

6- Side Part


The side part is a style that never loses its edge. It’s perfectly welcome at jobs and parties alike, which makes it another contender for a disconnected undercut style that works in a variety of situation. It’s also easy to maintain. Just keep the sides and back short while you grow out the top until you look like the guy in the top photo there.


Christina Diamond
Christina is a keen fashion blogger and writes many of the articles here at Mens Hairstyle Club. Not only that, she also has really great hair.
Christina Diamond
Christina Diamond
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