Long Crown Hair with Bun and Buzz on Sides


If you have shorter hair you’ll need to grow it out to match these top knot bun hairstyles. Once all your hair is brushed back and in one hand, you are going to hold it and use the other hand to wrap the rubber band over the ponytail. Then twist the hair band and fold the pony tail in half. One last time put the rubber band over the folded hair, giving it a bun-like appearance.

These top knot bun hairstyles can be done with many different haircuts and there are many ways in which you can tie your hair. You can take inspiration from these bun styles or make one of your own.


9- Leave Some – Bun Some

Why put all of your hair in one basket? This style lets you try the bun while keeping the rest of your hair intact.


8- Long Crown Hair with Bun and Buzz on Sides



This style gives you the option to keep the focus on top of your head. The sides are shaved short here.

7- Disconnected and knotted Top Knot Bun Hairstyles



Disconnected undercuts are huge right now. This style, combined with a top knot bun is something that any man can sport.

6- Wavy and lose front hair with a thick bun on top



You want the bun, but you don’t want to lose your wavy locks. I can understand that.

5- Curly and Knotting it High



Who says curly hair can’t have a top knot hairstyle? This picture proves that you can.

4- Flowing sides with a small top bun

This guy is totally in the zone right now. It could be something to do with his hair and the flowing look he has with a small top bun.


3- Top Bun for Long Hair 2016 Style

It’s 2016, so why can’t a man with amazing long hair have a top bun style? Nothing is stopping you, as this picture shows.


2- Man Bun with untied Ends



This is the tuxedo of hairstyles. You keep the front in order and tie up the back with a nice pair of hair tails hanging down.

1- Bun on a Pompadour



There’s just no end to this! As you can see there are plenty of top knot bun hairstyles for men to choose from in 2016.

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Christina Diamond
Christina Diamond
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