Zayn Spiky Hair
Zayn Spiky Hair

Do you want to have a hairstyle that hardly ever goes out of fashion and is one of the most creative hair styles that you can get your hands on? Yes, in 2016 spiky hairstyles for men are the new thing! No matter what the length or type of hair you have, there is so much that you can experiment with this hairstyle by giving yourself a different spiky look every time.

Gone are the days when men stuck to one hairstyle. Men these days are very conscious of their looks and put in extra effort to style their hair to make a statement in the crowd. More and more men want to style their hair in ways that makes them look unique and stand out in the crowd by bringing in their own personal styles.


2. Tousled Spiky Style

This could fall into the category of messy hair styles, but if you look closely, you can see spikes in there. This style just requires a little bit of product and the desire to create chaos on your head.


3. Justin Bieber Spiky Hairstyle


Why is it that Justin Bieber always looks surprised? This photo shows him sporting an elevated style that could fall into a blowout category, but this requires a lot less product.

4. Short spiky hairstyle

Short and spiky is the way to go if you’re looking for a simple and easy style. As you can see, it works well with multiple face shapes, so go nuts!


5. Zayn Malik’s spiky top with short sides


Zayn Malik is a huge celebrity for teenage girls because he’s in the famous pop bad, One Direction. He’s changed his hair a lot, but he’s known best for his simple and effective spiky hairstyle.

6. Deadly Vertical spikes

This is when things get intense. Here you’re going to need a good amount of product to keep everything in place, but this is the unapologetic approach to spiky hair.


7. Ethan Hawk blond spiked


I did a double-take when I saw this picture of Ethan Hawk. There’s nothing wrong with bleached spikes, but I never expected to see them on this guy.

8. Rough spiky look


This calls to mind a deconstructed faux hawk, and it’s an easy look to pull off. A little product and some spikes that lean forward are the elements of this look.

9. Zayn Malik trendy spikes with beard



Zayn is back again! Here he’s sporting his spiky look with a beard which is a phenomenal combination.

10. Dare devil spikes

Here’s our final look. These spiky hairstyles for men should help you better decide on your next haircut in 2016!



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