Hairstyle and personality has a lot to do with what kind of side burns you can sport. There are many options for men to choose from, but you should factor in the shape of your face and the trending sideburn styles in 2016 to pick a perfect look for yourself.

You also should take into account the hair density that you have, so that you can realistically carry a style and not just do it because it looks good on somebody else.


Round Face Sideburn Styles

The trick for doing any hairstyle or facial hair style with a round face is to break the shape by opting for longer burns. You have plump cheeks and round cheeks that need to be countered and this will definitely help you get a slimmer look.



Oval Face Sideburn Choices

An oval face is one of the most common face shapes that generally goes well with many styles. When it comes to sideburns, it is important that you steer clear of the lengthier options.




Square Face Sideburns

The most prominent feature of a square face is the jawline that is almost always the first thing that people notice. So, if you have this face shape, then you are characterized as having a broad face.




Oblong Face Sideburn Styles

This face shape is definitely the longest of all, but while zeroing in on a sideburn on this type of a face, do take into consideration the width of your face. If you are only looking to make your face look a little shorter, then small sideburns are certainly the way to go.




Triangular Face Sideburn Choices

This face type generally has a broader chin tapering towards the ears. You can work with this shape in a variety of ways.


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