Thick Part Hairstyle for Men

Short hair with a side part is a go-to look for most men. Side part hairstyles for men lend a neat and sharp look and are preferred by most men as they are easy to style and maintain.

Not only this, you can wear this hairstyle anywhere. Whether you have to attend a board meeting or have a casual get-together with friends, this look is perfect for all.


1) The Thick Part

This is one of the best side part hairstyles for people who have really thick and short hair.  Use a brush to comb your back hair and spray with a product like TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hair Spray to keep the look together for the entire day.


2) Long and Parted

You can go for straight long hair, however, a layered cut would give more volume and character to your hair with the men’s side part hairstyle. You will need to blow dry before styling with the hair dryer to get more volume that will accentuate your look.


3) The Crew Part

You may have a crew cut, but if you have left enough crown hair, you can go ahead and style a side part too. So, take care that you use a strong hairspray or pomade to keep them in place.


4) Parted High

Now, with the help of the gel like the ,American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel, take the chunk of hair combed on the side and spike them. Use a comb to brush them backwards while keeping the height. Then, use ample hair spray to keep the hair from losing the shape.


5) The Messy Part

Use a good hairspray to keep the hair style in place. This is one of the coolest side part hairstyles out there and definitely worth a try.



Side part hairstyles give a great look to go for irrespective of the length or the density of your hair. You will need some hair products for styling, but the end result will definitely be distinguishing and will make you stand out in the crowd in a subtle way.

6) Messy Side Part Style

This style requires you to let go of your organized side. Tousle the hair to the side, use some product, and call it a day.


7) Side Part For Black Men

Black men can take advantage of this style by sporting a fade with a side part and a nice razor part to keep everything in check. The coarse type of hair that black men have works perfectly for this look.


8) Pompadour Side Part

Why not combine the pompadour style with the side part for an epic effect? This look requires a little finesse, but it’s a perfect combination of today’s looks.


9) Side Part With Shaved Sides

Shave the sides and leave the top long, that’s all you need for this one of the side part hairstyles for men in 2016. As you can see, it’s a look that fits well with facial hair.


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