It seems that as the years pass history repeats itself in countless aspects, but when it comes to fashion and style you can count on revisiting the past once or twice in a lifetime. Vintage clothing, jewelry, and other accessories are all the rage lately, and so are the men’s undercut hairstyles which were made popular in the 20s.

This style was so popular with the boys because hats were worn daily at the time. The style not only accommodated this specific fashion demand, but it was attractive and easy to style for the on-the-go man.


2.   The Bearded Undercut


This is one of the hottest undercut trends today. To get the look above you will need to keep the top length (around the forehead) much longer than the side hair, and you will likely need the appropriate product to get the wave you see above.

3.   The Piece de la Resistance



This undercut style is really your basic undercut, with your top length as long or short as you like, but the hair sporting the undercut is not shaved completely away. Rather, designs ranging from simple to unbelievable are shaved into the remaining hair.

4.   The Clean-Shaven Undercut



Very basic, yet classy and confident at the same time, this undercut features much longer top-hair (6” to 8” is the popular length range), and is typically worn combed flat and smooth hanging to one side.

Some men will allow natural curl to rule this style because of the sharp contrast of the clean-shaven scalp beneath.

5.   The ‘Bob it Like Beckham’ Undercut



Really? Okay, let’s face it, this guy’s hair could be falling out in clumps and it wouldn’t matter…he would still look great. David Beckham’s seemingly signature bobbed undercut brought the past into today, albeit kicking and screaming.

6. High and Tight Low Fade Undercut

This high and tight look keeps the length long on top. The sides have a high fade cut that fades out at the top of the ears.



7. Long and Wavy

This look is similar to the one above, but it keeps the fade even higher and uses this naturally wavy hair to do the work. Luckily something like this is easy to maintain.


8. Loose Side Part Undercut


A loose side part like this works perfectly with an undercut and a low fade. This is a look that is great for men with thick hair.

9. Side Part Undercut


Side parts are in, and they work perfectly with an undercut. Throw in a little hair design and you’ve got yourself a unique look!

10. Slicked Back Undercut

Our final undercut hairstyle is a simple and exquisite look that simply involves a high fade around the sides and back with a slicked back look on top.


Christina Diamond
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