long hairstyles for men

This article features the top men’s long hairstyles 2016 for along with hair styling tips. A photo gallery of 25 unique men’s long haircuts and long hairstyles for men is also attached at the end of the article. Hopefully you will love this collection and find some perfect long hair style haircuts for yourself.

Sadly not every man can pull off a long hairstyle. The perfect long hairstyle for a man depends much on his hair texture, how well the hair falls and frames the face. A good long hairstyle for a man also needs the rest of the face and body to look in proportion and to feel just right. While you do not have to be a male model in order to have great long hair you do have to have the right physical attributes to really perfect the look and appreciate these long hairstyles for men.

Long hair on a man should fall naturally, be low maintenance and be washed semi regularly with an occasional hair trim to keep the ends of the hair in great health. With long hairstyles for men this can make all the difference. Male grooming with long hair styles is the difference between looking sharp and attractive versus swarthy and scruffy.

Perhaps if you are a famous rockstar with long hair then this does not matter as much. However most gentlemen with long hair styles need to think of their overall look. Done right these long hairstyles for men really hit the mark and offer great creative hair design inspiration for men everywhere that would like to wear their hair long, loose and wild.

Long Hairstyles for Men

There are numerous ways of improving your hair style, looks or changing your appearance.  You don’t need to worry about your long and blonde hair.  You just need to add a messy effect on it and presto! You can now go everywhere you want.

long hairstyles for men

Shoulder Length natural look

Having problems regarding your shoulder length hair?  Well, you don’t have to! Just adopt this shoulder length hair style for men like Brad Pitt here in Troy.


Long thick wavy hair for men

Well, who says that long wavy hair isn’t a trend in men hairstyles 2016? In fact, it is an additional impact for those men who have long and thick hair. Such as with the longer wavy style that actor Christian Bale is sporting here.


Extremely long dark straight hair

Nowadays, Rapunzel is not the only Disney character who can sport long dark straight hair; it is now also common for men out there who want to be unique in someway. If you are man with long fine hair feel free to experiment with this long straight hair style for men.


Long layered hair

In order to achieve a more formal look, it is better that you comb it back. Why not try these long hairstyles for men and see how the ladies react?


Johnny Depp Hairstyle


This is the kind of long hairstyles for men that only a man like Johnny Depp can pull off. Technically it’s a bob, but technically it’s also an awesome male hair cut.

Cool and Light Haircut


When the summer months roll around, it’s a good idea to try a style like this. You still get to keep your long hair on top with shorter hair on the sided, but the overall feel is much lighter.

Wavy Locks

There’s nothing better than having wavy hair, especially when it’s long. Pair the style with a beard and light highlights and you’ve got a masterpiece on your hands.

Chris Hemsworth


Sometimes the God of Thunder likes to chill and think about stuff. Here the Thor actor is rocking a nice long hair style and a sweet jacket to boot!

The Professional Cut


Who says long hair isn’t professional? As you can see, the right style can turn any length of hair into a respectable style. Remember not all of us are rock Gods. We have to go to work and look cool also.

The Rockstar Look


Break out the guitar and shred out some jams, because this rock star hair style is in! Simply grow your hair long and dabble in some facial hair to complete this look. If you are already in a band or play the guitar then you are halfway there already!

Long Hairstyles Gallery – Long Hairstyles for Men

Have a look at our below picture gallery containing 25 more long men hairstyles for your inspiration.

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