Choosing the right hairstyle according to your face shape is really a big deal. If you choose the haircut by considering the shape and features of your face then you will end up with a perfect and balanced haircut that will add more sophistication to you and your personality.

For this reason we are sharing some haircuts according to shape of your face. Today we will guide you through men’s hairstyles for long faces.


Men’s Short Hairstyles for Long Faces


This style is for thick hair as the hair is cut in very short bangs which give a reduction in the thickness of hairs. These can be styled in any manner and fashion whether you want side parted or a Quiff, but avoid giving them height.


Men’s Medium Hairstyles for Long Faces

Medium length hair is considered elegant as it gives a graceful look to your personality, but this is possible only when they are cut and styled perfectly.

Razor cut hairs in layers give them a medium length over all hairs is the best thing that can be adopted by young boys with confidence.


Medium Length Shaggy



Growing your hair a little long and using a little product can add a lot of texture to your look. There’s no science behind this, just let it fall how it will.

Long and Slicked Back

Another medium length hairstyle for you is the one above which can accentuate your neck length and temple line thus minimizing the long effect of your face. Slicking back the hair imparts a refined and stylish appearance.


Men’s Hairstyles for Long Faces

Luis Scola  is a famous basketball player for Argentina and is known for his excellent game. His long hair really looks great on him.


Layered and Long

Bangs of different length styled in slightly side parted fashions are the thing which really is exemplary.

If you have straight hair then you must opt for this eminent hair style. Cut your hair straight and to the desired length. Then part it from the side close to the center.


Bradley Cooper Side Part


Bradley Cooper is seen here sporting a nice side parted look that is perfect for men with long faces. A quick combing is all you need to get this look in the mornings.

David Beckham Slicked Back

David Beckham shows us how it’s done in this photo where he simply slicks it back and let’s it keep a little volume for good measure.


Choosing Your Style


As you can see above, there are many other men’s long hairstyles to choose from. You can go for the layered look, slick it back, or side part it like the images above. Even the glorious David Beckham is sporting this look in one of the images above.


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