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Graduation Hairstyles in 2016 are among the most searched hairstyles for men. To guide you on this topic, we are sharing some of the best style choices in this category.

At the end of this post you will be left with so many choices of hairstyles that you can easily adopt and carry with confidence.

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Graduation Hairstyles For Asian Men

The hair is cut into bangs with more length at the back and texture on the top.


Black Men Hairstyles For Graduation

You need to pull back your hair, and for this purpose you can use a curl defining cream. If you are using this then avoid too much product as it may result in making your hairs crunchy.


Hairstyles For Men With Glasses

Use a good root lifter for your hair if they are thin and then side part them in a light manner. In the end give it a finishing touch by using Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper.


Graduation Hairstyles 2014 for Medium Hairs

Medium length hair is perfect for graduating hairstyles. Fade cut and under cut are best combined with spikes than any other.

The suitable thing for this will be GATSBY Hair Wax Matt type.

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Messy Hairstyles for Graduation

You can also achieve this look with the help of Baxter of California Clay Pomade and finish the look by using Urban Prince Hair and Beard Grooming & Shine Control Spray Conditioner.


Spiky Afro Style

For Black men hairstyles the perfect thing is styling your natural hair. The thing that will help you a lot for doing so is Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax.


Rocking the Glasses

This is another eye catching hairstyle for graduation with glasses. The hairs are jagged cut in layers and then styled on one side by using wet gel or hair clay. Try Uppercut Matt Clay for the best results.


Graduation Hairstyles 2014 for Short Hairs

They make you feel lighter and graceful. Check out these best short hairstyles for men 2016. They are first partly parted and then by using products like Shu Uemura Clay Definer.


Spiked Styles For Asian Men

Asian men with short hair could adopt hairstyles inspired by Imran Khan who is a very famous Indian artist. For a cool classic look like him your hair should be cut very short on the sides and back and the top should have volume. Then comb it back with the help of Living Proof Satin Hair Serum.


Short Hairstyles For Black Men

This black men hairstyle is a combination of a fade cut and a buzz cut. The buzz will give a proper shape from front and sides whereas the fade will give lighter look to head leaving more hairs on top middle area.


Short Hair With Glasses

This is a nice look for men with short hair who also wear glasses. The centrally spiked hair imparts a chic and attractive appearance. For having such a style you can use Toni & Guy Texturising Glue.


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