Facial hairstyles are natural for men. Men beards have always been a mark of masculinity. However, in the past decade, we almost saw them disappearing giving way to clean shaven and neat men.

Nevertheless, the phenomenon of beards is catching up again. This has led to an onslaught of beard-o-mania. Let’s see which beard styles are killing it right now.


Short and stout



This is one of the most common beard styles among men. It is not over the top, nor is it difficult to maintain.

The Artist’s Choice

It does best with long hairstyle and steps. You can wear it to your office or to a party and be assured to turn heads.


Thick and long

The sheer volume of the beard will take care that it stays in place and in shape. You can easily wear this style of beard to your office or a date, where it will definitely be a part of the conversation.



You can wear this style with a pompadour or a Mohawk haircut. This will balance out your look. It looks good on any face cut.


Black Men’s Bald With Beard Style

Black men hairstyles will always include the bald look. Maybe it was Samuel L. Jackson that brought this look to life, but it works wonders.


The Businessman’s Beard

Here’s a good one. This is a nice, styled beard that works for professionals who want to show off their manly side.


The Circle Beard


This style is simple and easy. Plus, it lets you sport a mustache and a beard at once!

Bald With a Thick Beard


This style works for Caucasian men as well if you want to sport a beard as your central focus. Keep the head shaved and let the beard do its thing.

The Gentlemen’s Beard


This is an awesome curly mustache combined with a thick and full beard. Truly one of the classiest facial hairstyles for sure.

Christina Diamond
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Christina Diamond
Christina Diamond
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