[tps_header]Bearded men are setting the standard for men everywhere. While you’re busy tidying up the latest haircut you’ve chosen, let your beard grow out and give yourself the manly look you deserve.[/tps_header]

Ultimately, though, the best way to keep your beard healthy is by using the best beard oil you can get your hands on.

[tps_title]Top Beard Oils[/tps_title]


Today we’re looking at the ten best beard oil options in 2016 and how each of them can help you keep your beard happy and healthy. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Pictured just above is one of our favorites, Bayolea beard and shave oil which is one smooth oil indeed.

[tps_title]Spiced Citrus Beard Oil by Beardbrand[/tps_title]


 This epic option from Beardbrand employees a sweet and fruity mixture that gives your beard a healthy look and a nice scent for the ladies. The Tree Ranger oil combines vanilla, clove, and grapefruit into a fresh and manly smell. With this beard oil sitting pretty in your bathroom cupboard your look and scent will shine all day long for sure.

[tps_title]Woodsman Beard Oil by Bearded Bastard[/tps_title]

This beard oil from The Bearded Bastard combines many of the common ingredients found in the best beard oil options. Here with the Woodsman beard oil you’ll find argan, jojoba, and grapeseed oil along with safflower, almond, castor, and olive oil.


The Woodsman product is is a lovely smooth beard oil to make your facial hairs bristle with delight. It may come in a tiny bottle but this is a big oil.

[tps_title]Black Fly Beard Oil by Portland General Store[/tps_title]

You don’t have time for bugs trying to get into your beard. This oil will take care of any beard issues for sure.

Some beard oils will just make them more hungry for your hair so why not try this option with citronella, chamomile, and black pepper? Black Fly is a lovely smooth scented beard oil.

Ginger Lime Beard Oil by Come Clean

This tiny bottle of amazing beard oil packs one heck of a punch with jojoba, grapeseed, almond, and castor oils.


This perfect blend will have your beard radiating with an epic well maintained and groomed look. The Ginger Lime oil does just the trick when it comes to feeling awesome.

Bay Rum Beard Oil by Grave Before Shave

I think any company named “Grave Before Shave” is worth looking into in more detail. Here we have one of their latest offerings in the form of Bay Rum beard oil. You’ll smell like a pirate with its mixture of rum and coconut scents.


You’ll smell like a pirate for sure with this Bay Rum beard oil which certainly shivers our timbers and has great scents and pirate aromas such as its mixture of rum and coconut.

[tps_title]Tea Tree Beard Oil by Lucky Scruff[/tps_title]

This beard oil shoots for the stars by providing a recipe that combines a sweet scent with light ingredients that won’t weight your beard down. The secret is in the name: tea tree oil is the perfect choice.


The secret is in the name: Lucky Scruff tea tree oil is the perfect choice for a meticulous, smooth and well groomed mans beard.

[tps_title]Beard Oil by Proraso[/tps_title]

If you’re looking for a trusted company, why not check out a brand that is over a century old and originates from Italy?


The citrus-scented beard oil is the perfect touch for regular beard maintenance and grooming.
Look and feel great all day as the Proraso oil smooths and protects your prized whiskers wherever you may be heading.

[tps_title]Commando by Brooklyn Grooming[/tps_title]

Commando uses organic jojoba and argan oils, combined with hempseed and sesame oil to moisturize and completely delight your eager beard.


There aren’t any fancy smells here, just what you need to get the job done right with Commando classic beard oil.

[tps_title]Mr. Incredible by Yuli[/tps_title]

Our final option on the quest to find the best beard oil lands us here, at the doorstep of Mr Incredible by Yuli.


With a mixture of jojoba, argan, and grapeseed oils. This one also combines a few essential oils into the mix for an awesome manly scent and aroma.


All of these beard and shaving oils will hold you in good stead. Caring for your beard and proud whiskers wherever you take them. All of these beard oils are premium recommendations. However we recommend you try a variety as they have different scents and complexity.

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You may prefer the feel of one oil over the other when caring for your beard and mustache as is to be expected when male grooming.

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