What hairstyle suits me? Men mostly ask this question. We suggest you choose that style which is according to your face shape and the texture of hair.

Always have the length of hair that suits you not the length of the style you like. We are sharing with you the best side part hairstyles for men which are going to be very popular in 2016


Side Part Hairstyle for Long Length Hairs

Generally side swept hair does not suit well with long length hair. That being said, it is possible to pull it off with the right face shape, like in the image below.


Side Part for Long and Fine Hair

Do you have fine and straight hair? Try this long style in which the hair is cut into layers. They are then styled into bangs after being parted. This hairstyle is best for those who have a broad forehead.


Side Part Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Side swept hairstyles for medium length hair are the most commonly found hairstyles. Medium length is very easy to manage and serve as the best length for looks like these.


Thick Hair Side Part Styles

This is a very cool side parted hairstyle for boys with thick hair. The length is kept medium with more texture at the middle. It is then styled by combing to the back after parting.


Side Part Hairstyles for Short Length Hair



You do not need to visit your hairdresser for this hairstyle as it is very simple and easy to adopt. The parted hairs is combed back in the form of fringes.

Zac Efron Side Part



You will rarely find side parted hairstyles for black men because hair texture matters a lot in this. Black men have strong and thick textured hair, so they do not look appropriate with it.

Messy Side Part


A messy side part like this is achieved by using your fingers instead of a comb. This gives you a finished look that has just the right amount of messiness.

Tom Cruise Side Part

Hey, what’s he smiling about? Oh, right, he’s sporting an awesome side parted style in this photo.


George Clooney Side Part


George Clooney is the source of inspiration for many hairstyles. This amazing photo shows him rocking an awesome side part.

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