Ever wondered how you can bring that hairline back to its former glory? Or at the very least, stem the outgoing tide for a few more years and hope that nobody catches notice of your backwards moving buzz cut?

It is a most common concern and causes can be varied but fear not, depending on the nature and severity of your receding hairline, help may be at hand with these modern methods to treat that runaway hair.

Minoxidil Treatment

This is likely the most well know treatment in the book, with the Rogaine brand being prevalent for many years. Application is easiest with the liquid form which comes in 5% concentration and should be applied twice a day. Immediate application after washing and drying hair makes for the most effective results due to ease of penetration to the scalp.

Minoxidil should be applied near the affected area and gently massaged into the scalp. Drying time is approximately 10 minutes.

Users have reported seeing results as early as one month after directed usage, however, most commonly, measurable results have been seen after the 6-month mark.

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 Finasteride Treatment

Being the only approved hair loss treatment available in pill form certainly may be appealing to many who opt for the simple yet effective approach to dealing with their receding hairline. Finasteride treatment effectively attacks and reduces DHT (hormone believed to be a root cause in male pattern baldness) in the hair follicles. It is clinically supported by a number of studies, with a reported 86% of men noticing an improvement over a 10 year period, the majority of which occurred within the first year of treatment.

These hair raising results all from popping one simple pill per day cannot be ignored.

ACell + PRP Injection Therapy

Cranking up the gears in the fight against hair loss is this non-surgical option which has produced impressive results in thickening, maintaining and helping to regrow and revitalize those lost locks.

The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is injected into the affected areas in a 90 minute procedure, rich in hair regrowth properties, it helps to stimulate hair follicle growth. Next the ACell is injected and the magic of science really gets to work, repairing and rebuilding damaged cellular tissue.

Proven results have been widely reported within 3-6 months, however, not for the feint hearted and with a price tag of between $3500-$5500 it certainly doesn’t come without significant cost.

Hair Transplant Treatment

When all else fails, it may be time to go to Hollywood in a bid to cure that suspicious comb over. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is certainly that option, however with advanced technology, this is a minimally invasive procedure which can really produce spectacular result.

Hair follicles are grafted from other areas of the body and skillfully placed on the affected area leaving no linear scarring. With microscopic precision, they are placed in a perfect pattern aligned with this existing hair which ensure that regrowth produces seamless results within 3-6 months.

This treatment indeed comes with a Hollywood price tag to boot, anywhere up to $15,000, but can you really put a price on a full flowing barnet.

Anthony Gallagher

Anthony Gallagher

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Anthony is a freelance writer and self-professed hair enthusiast. He attends like clock work for a bi-weekly haircut and complimentary ear waxing at his local one woman barber shop.
Anthony Gallagher