Next to the taper or fade, an edge up is developed to act as a hot addition to the hairstyle. Also referred to as a lineup or shape up, this haircut defines the hairline into right angles and straight lines. Although it used to be more popular for exclusively black hair, this haircut is now a common addition for almost all hair types and hair lengths. In the case of guys with facial hair, an edge up may be continued into the beard. This is done in order to create a uniform look across the face.

Just like any other shaved hairstyles, edge ups appear sharpest when they are fresh. In any case, this type of haircut may require regular barber visits. However, it is recommended that you wait until the hair grows out a little bit before you opt for a trim. This will help you keep from pushing the hairline back.

Each barber visit should focus on maintaining the line up as close to the natural haircut as possible. You should avoid creating a receding shape up. All the same, you should opt for the aptest hairstyle that works best for your hair type. Here are some styles you can consider.

Edge Up + Surgical Part

This style features a curved surgical part and a contrasting angular shape up. It adds a modern line up to the classic slick comb-over.

Edge Up Haircut

You can opt for a lineup edge haircut if you are looking for a simple and less costly, yet clean and crisp haircut.

Skin Fade + Edge Up + Buzz Cut

You greatly should consider adding a double shaved part, a lineup and a blade fade to your short buzz cut to make it more presentable.

In order to add an edge up to longer men’s hairstyles, the haircut is usually set back. The pomp fade can be even cooler if designed with a straight across hairline and faded sides.

Edge Up + Comb-Over

Another way you can perfectly wear a shape up with longer hair is by blending it with a high fade. Usually, hair is kept long on the top with somewhat angular corners that often act as a transition into a taper or fade.

Edge Up Corners

Just as in edge up + comb-over, this thick comb-over shapes up the corners of the haircut. This version of edge up has got an additional effect, which is much visible when the barber cuts into thicker hair to create a clearer contrast.

Fade + Edge Up + Natural Curls

This is a very common haircut style among guys with kinky and curly hair. Usually, natural texture is left up top and at the same time a taper fade cuts the sides short while an edge up defines the hairline. This combination is both easy – to – wear and somewhat flattering and is available in many variations.

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