These days, there is nothing more manly than a long, thick, beard. Not just any old beard, but one which is well maintained and strongly grown. This can be anything from the Nordic warrior, Viking style beard, to the more refined and classy Van Dyke beard. Both of these beard possess centuries of history between them.

One element of your beard which does not possess the same amount of history, but is rising steadily in popularity regardless, are beard ornaments. Many may be a tad perplexed. Isn’t an ornament something you place above your mantle or decorate your tree with for Christmas you may ask? Correct.

Decorate that Beard

Despite the fact that ornaments are most commonly found in these locations, it has been a rapidly growing market in recent years. Miniature beard ornaments have surged in popularity. What better way to add some flavor and color to your facial hair (Other than that 3 day old bacon and left over pasta sauce which accidentally missed its entry point.)

It has to be said, beard ornaments are best suited to the festive season. That said, color can be implemented all year round. You will certainly need a strong and health beard before you consider displaying your charms within. To ensure your beard is in the best possible shape, you should be using the best quality beard oils and brushes.

Grow it before you Show it

By using the best products, you are ensuring to strengthen your beard. This becomes essential later as, besides the wonderful color and pizzazz beard ornaments add to your face, you will also be carrying quite a bit of extra weight. Specialized beard shampoos and conditioners as well as regular trimming with quality beard trimmers and the application of nutrient rich beard oils should all be considered essential use items during this growth period.

Now that your beard is ready, your next choice is how best to decorate it. This is most commonly a color rich experience with festive baubles, stars and shapes or other wacky but wonderful additions. Lights have even been tried on occasion. Be careful with that one.

Be Safe and Have Fun

Importantly, no matter what you attach to your beard, be safe to ensure that you feel comfortable and do not experience any unusual pain. You certainly did not endure the labor of love, growing your fantastic face piece, to have it unceremoniously torn from you in one swift movement.

Overall, decorating your beard with ornaments can be a really fun experience and single you out as a very confident, masculine man, who also has an exuberant fun side. In reality, people love to laugh and they love even more, people who can have a laugh at themselves.

Get the Party Started

Decorating your beard is an instant way to become the center of the party and show your easy going and relaxed side behind the fierce cloak of your long facial hair. Just keep a close eye on that friendly dog or cat as we all know they love to attack colorful and attractive objects, especially during the holiday season.

Anthony Gallagher

Anthony Gallagher

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Anthony is a freelance writer and self-professed hair enthusiast. He attends like clock work for a bi-weekly haircut and complimentary ear waxing at his local one woman barber shop.
Anthony Gallagher