Got a new haircut or a new hair style and are wondering how to pair it with your wardrobe for maximum effect? We have you covered. Here are some popular men’s hairstyles and the clothes and hair accessories that can take your look to the next level.

The High Fade With a Long Top

Summer Hairstyle Trends For Men
The High Fade : Summer Hairstyle Trends For Men

What began as a regulation haircut for enlisted men has graduated into a trend that has yet to show signs of weakening. Every year, new variations of the fade cut come out that seem cooler than the one before.

Case in point: The high fade with a long top. Short at the sides, but long up top, this hairstyle has the perfect combination of sharp, trendy, and casual. It’s the look that says you are cool without needing to try. At all. To accessorize this look, try small studs. Without hair getting in the way, any jewelry you wear will be visible and make a statement.

The Bald Fade

Bald Fade Hair Designs 2017
Bald Fade hair styles for men can be blank but can also exhibit all sorts of stunning patterns cut into the hair.

The bald fade is that uber short buzz-cut look. It can both be a plain style, but also provides a canvas for designs along the side going back, at the front, or in the back. You’ve seen it before.

Stars, superman logos, swirls, cubes, geometric patterns are all fair game as hair designs. This haircut is a statement piece on its own. But wearing gold jewelry, the kind of hair accessories available from Frost NYC, can create a hip-hop vibe hard to replicate in other ways.

The Classic Side Part

classic side parting
The classic side parting just can’t be beaten as it suits so many styles and looks.

Brought back into the public eye with the popularity of AMC’s show Mad Men, the classic side part is the sort of haircut and style that demands respect. And not just because it’s likely the hairstyle your granddad wore to his grave. This hairstyle might also demand you wear a suit and tie…

To be honest, anything you wear with a hair style like this will look sharp, manly, and sophisticated. Clothes that go well with the side part are collared shirts, polos, and the clean, tailored look of the 40s and 50s.
The short comb over

The short comb over is the classic side part’s younger and more casual little brother. This hairstyle exudes youthfulness, while still being professional enough that you can pair it with a suit and not look off kilter. The versatility of this hairstyle is what has many guys opting for this popular hairstyle. It can be paired with a white t-shirt, slacks, or jeans and still present a sharp image.

The Slicked Back Hair With Full Beard

Slick it back let the beard do the talking
Slick it back let the beard do the talking

When it comes to manliness and cool hair accessories, you can’t beat a man with a beard. And you should probably avoid getting into a fight with him, too. A beard plus slicked back hair? You have taken this hairstyle to an untouchable level of cool that no number of plaid shirts or wood-chopping axes can dethrone.

The beard often acts as an accessory all on its own. And you can forego a lot of fashion nonsense by wearing a beard as your single nod to trendiness. However, there is very little that will not look good with your face fur. So for those who want to take it one step further, a pair of braces, larger coats, wide lapels can all help to accentuate your “don’t mess with me” aura.

Long Hairstyles

Very Long Hairstyles for Men with Beard : hair accessories
Why not grow it for a while and complete the look with cool hair accessories?

Perhaps you have been putting off going to the barber. And now you have a real Fabio thing going, and you don’t want to ruin it? Rest easy. Want a suffering artist or musician vibe?

Long hairstyles work very well to provide that look when matched with cool hair accessories. Which is hard to get otherwise (that is, without being an actual artist or musician). Like with the beard, long hair becomes an accessory on its own. But in a pinch, you can tie it back for that dinner with the parents, or that black tie event you must attend.

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