With the return of the most anticipated show on TV, we are all feeling the energy to battle. As the wind sweeps through our hairs, the wind of change is upon us. Being one of the most watched shows on television means that the hairstyles are instantly recognizable. The question is, which Game of Thrones hairstyle is best for you and what does it say about your character?. Choose carefully, winter has come.

The Windswept Warrior

Top of any list involving this epic series must be Jon Snow, obviously. Resurrected, though his iconic, windswept look never died but for a fleeting moment. Instantly recognizable on screen and with connotations of power and perfection. For the wavy haired man, this could be the perfect style. Other than initial growth it requires little management. Ensure to keep it mid length and use a high quality conditioner and pomade to hold in place. It is a truly soulful look which can be well paired with a variety of beard styles.

Rough and Ready Bangs

When it comes to a style incorporating man-bangs, look no further than Tyrion Lannister. This style is rock and roll in a big way and has been an ever present in men’s hair fashion over the years. We can’t all have the thick, luscious locks of Jon Snow. All is not lost. With a little volume added and a few layers trimmed at different lengths, you can look every inch the rocker/warrior. This style can easily showcase a man ready for battle, yet smart and intellectual.

Flexible Mop Top

Not quite The Beatles, however, Ramsay Bolton makes a good attempt. Through his time, he showcased a dependable and adaptable style which can be suitable for all occasions. This bears resemblance to the mop top cut of the 1960s, though it is much more rugged and windswept. The modern man with enough hair volume may also choose to pair this with a medium length beard to complete the most masculine of looks.

Adding Color to the Darkness

One character with a very unique style, showing that even in Westeros, highlights can be a standout style is Jaqen H’ghar. A mysterious character, matched by his equally mysterious yet alluring highlighted, shoulder length hair. He is representing the house of the red-headed man very proudly and showing that you shouldn’t be a afraid to get creative with your style.

Going Long

One character who is gone but will never be forgot is Khal Drogo. Carrier of perhaps the most badass hair ever seen on GoT. Length of epic proportions is required. Estimate at least one year to reach anywhere close to hair length of Drogo. This indeed needs to be a true labor of love, not to mention care. Then there is the facial hair, showing everything that is manly about the world. Check out how to grow your viking beard and also how to accessorize your new beauty with beard beads to follow in the footsteps of this true giant.

Viserys Targaryen also went long in those tranquil days of season one in Westeros. Good care is vital here if you can manage to achieve the length. To keep your hair looking as silky as Viserys will take ample quality hair conditioner and regular blow drying to ensure maximum volume is preserved. A fantastic look on a windy day for the lighter haired among us as the breeze whistles through.

One more example of a dominant character going long is that of Ned Stark. Often wearing his hair in a half up, half down fashion with the single braid, he shows that even if you can’t achieve maximum volume from your hair, you still have options when choosing a longer style and looking strong. This is an excellent low maintenance style for those of us with at least shoulder length hair and an air of calm.

Pass the Salt and Pepper

An ever present throughout and ensuring to hold it down on the stylish hair front for those of us men advancing to more mature years is Littlefinger. Loyalty may not always be his strong suit, but he does have the salt and pepper look mastered. With his short fringe raised up and swept aside by the side part, he cuts a dashing figure in advancing years. Good holding wax, with little or no shine work wonders in this case.

Similarly rolling back the years for the salt and pepper crew is Oberyn Martell, with fringe down slightly more and a less controlled slightly lengthier top section. Both men showing that even as we get into middle age, we can always find a style to keep us looking young.

Maturing and Measured Fringe

For more of a precise and measured look, why not emulated the new look of Bran Stark. In previous years sporting a youthful bob style, Bran has come of age with a new look in this season. A great low maintenance look, kept in short to medium range on the back and sides with a straight and well combed top and fringe. Simple but effective for those of us who may have a hard time adding too much volume. Very easy to manage too.

Sporting a similar look prior to his season 4 demise, Joffrey Baratheon looked the picture of youth as the boy who would be king. His light hair color provided a fresh look in this style. Men who have similarly blonde or light colored locks may want to try this look to quite literally cut years off!

Perfectly Placed Curls

Departed from the show, but with a hairstyle which certainly lives on in the memory is Loras Tyrell. His style positioned mid length curls perfectly. Swept nicely to one side, his thick, high volume style is enviable. A relaxed and casual style, this requires adding plenty of volume and use of a high quality conditioner to maintain that sleek look. A perfect, post summer, return to work or college look for the professional man.

For those of us men with slightly straighter hair, why not emulate the Daario Naharis look, a slightly Russell Crowe style look with a little above shoulder length waves layered up throughout, it looks suave and of a man who is in control. Using the correct pomade or wax product you can hold this style in shape beautifully and look even better by combining with a Van Dyke beard.

Jaime Lannister

Having worn several of the styles from each category over the seasons, we felt it right to dedicate a section to Jaime Lannister. From the shoulder length, middle part cut of the early seasons we can view a certain elegance, determination and surety from the character played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.


In season 3 we can see a move to an almost Ned Stark like style where the center part becomes more pronounced and the style is more layered from front to back and displaying in curtain like fashion. This is very suitable for a man who wants to portray a more rugged style, with slightly less hair volume and mid-level beard growth.

From season 4 the move to a shorter, fresh all round look, echoes the youth-injected styles mentioned above. The look projects a more feisty, masculine figure, re-energized and ready any unexpected turns which may ensue.

Which Side Will You Choose ?

Whatever your allegiances in the show, one thing is clear. Despite its rugged terrain and ferocious environment, Westeros provides us with some of the most outstanding, natural and durable hairstyles for the coming fall and winter seasons. We have presented you several outstanding choices and the freedom to choose. Freedom means making your own choices, so choose carefully the best style to suit you and fear not the change.

Anthony Gallagher

Anthony Gallagher

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Anthony is a freelance writer and self-professed hair enthusiast. He attends like clock work for a bi-weekly haircut and complimentary ear waxing at his local one woman barber shop.
Anthony Gallagher