Jimmy Butler has been rocking the fade for several years on the biggest basketball stages. He wears it with the pride and swagger of a man who is three-time NBA All-Star. You too though can sport an eye-catching fade with a little precision and creativity just like the Timberwolves star. Here we review stage by stage how you can achieve the ultimate Butler fade.

Low Cut Fade

A great starting point for any man who wants to build their fade style game. Like any building, you first need a solid foundation. This comes in the shape of a low cut fade. Tightly shaved in low at the sides and stepped up above the ear, this look is in its early stage but still looks razor sharp thanks to the contrasting side and top length. Keep the top neat and under control as it grows and maintain your sides with a minimum of one shave every two weeks.

Spiked Fade

As the top hair continues to grow out, you should keep the sides zeroed and bring the fade line higher with each visit. With the growing top, now you can get a little creative to keep it in check. Using a good wax, why not spike it up to look baller as your Butler fade continues its journey to All-Star status.

Comb over Fade

Things may get a little untidy and out of place as the top continues to grow in length, it is difficult to look exactly like the picture of an idol at all times, this is all part of the process and indeed sometimes you have to suck it up. In this case, you can opt for a very suave comb over fade. Similar to the currently trending hard part styles, this looks the business and with the right pomades, will keep your style looking as sharp as day one and almost ready for the buzzer beater.

Freestyle Fading

By now, your fade should be in the fourth quarter, its MVP moment. Just like Jimmy, you have license to think outside the box. Go in any directions you wish and just let it fly. With the correct high quality hair products and the best hair clippers to keep your fade in shape, the game is all yours. Play with it.

Colored Fade

Take your fade game in to overtime by adding the color of your choice. This can help your already top-notch hairstyle become even more of a slam-dunk. Heads will turn as you walk by and people will marvel at your bold and stylish choice.

Buzzer Beater

If you’re tired of your old style and want a new cut which is easy to control, low maintenance, but looks super fly at all times, there is no better style for you than a Jimmy Butler fade. As our short and simple guide shows, you don’t have to be knocking down threes or becoming defensive superstars to carry the spectacular style of a champ. Give it a shot.

Anthony Gallagher

Anthony Gallagher

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Anthony is a freelance writer and self-professed hair enthusiast. He attends like clock work for a bi-weekly haircut and complimentary ear waxing at his local one woman barber shop.
Anthony Gallagher