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Brad Pitt is a very famous American actor and film producer. He has won several awards for his outstanding performance in Hollywood movies. Brad Pitt hairstyles are popular among his fans. Over the years Pitt has sported a variety of different hairstyles..

His style ranges from short military buzz haircut to long slicked back hair. He manages to have unique new looks for his all of his different film roles. These different styles received a lot of attention from fans and stars alike. In this article we’ll share with you the best hairstyles of Brad Pitt for your own hairstyle inspiration.


Fury Hairstyle


In the movie Fury, released in 2014, he wore a striking new style the “extreme” undercut. This haircut is different from today’s military buzz cuts.

Man Ponytail

Brad+Pitt-Ponytail Brad-Pitt-Ponytail

One of Pitt’s long hairstyles is the man ponytail. Not everyone can pull off this style.

Crew Cut

The crew cut, also known as the buzz cut, is military cut that is a very popular men’s hairstyle. During the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Pitt sported this military style for his role as an assassin.


Fight Club Style


One of Pitt’s well-known movies is Fight Club, his hairstyle in this movie was also very popular in the 1990’s.

Classic Undercut


A great style of the early 1940’s was the classic undercut. Brad Pitt sported this World War 2 inspired hairstyle in one of his films, Inglorious Basterds. The undercut can be worn a few different ways and has different variations.

The Troy

In the movie Troy, Brad Pitt pulls off a long and wavy hairstyle that made men and women alike jealous of his hair.  Not everyone can pull off this wavy hair, but Pitt and surfers are some of the few exceptions.


The Best Collection of Brad Pitt Hairstyles

Compiled below is the best collection of 50+ photos of Brad Pitt Hairstyles throughout his career.  These styles ranging from the 90’s Coif haircut to 2015 hipster haircut, from very a short military cut to the long ponytail.

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