Do you dream of giving your hair a neat, shiny and slicked back look? Search no more and use pomade. Pomade is that one styling product that will give you the kind of look you really desire. Indubitably, it is a lot better than mousse, hairspray, wax and gel.

5. American Crew Pomade

This is best used on hair which is not long and is thin as well. It washes off easily as well. It is a good idea to use it with other products to get the unparalleled shine.

4. Baxter of California Clay Pomade

 You will be able to get the wet look you want without the shine. However, on fine hair, it gives a very heavy look.


3. Uppercut Monster Hold

Do you love the sweet vanilla like smell?  You can roam about sporting a vanilla scent by using this pomade.

2. Layrite Deluxe

It is really good for trendy hairstyles like spikes or Mohawks. Not to mention the pleasant smell of vanilla.

1. Imperial Barber Products (Classic)

As far as the smell is concerned, it has a really mild watermelon kind of smell. And it definitely works wonders particularly for pompadours, slick backed and long hair too.

Christina Diamond
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Christina Diamond
Christina Diamond
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