The emo subculture is one that has its roots in rock music that often contains expressive and confessional lyrics. It began in Washington D.C., with bands like Rites of Spring and Embrace. It eventually mirrored the style of punk rock bands and spread rapidly.

Since the focus of the subculture is expression, it makes sense that it would also be a major part of hair styles. Today we’re going to look at some emo hairstyles for guys that fall into this subculture. Many of these styles have long fringes or bangs, but there are many different distinctions and types.


1. The Emo yet classy look

EMO Yet Classy Look

This look is made possible, with long bangs in the front, medium length hair on the sides, and short to fairly medium hair at the back with a good amount of volume on top.

2. The Spike Revolution

The Spike Revolution

This emo hairstyle for guys looks divine, but needs ample amount of time and practice to ace it. The hair needs to be fine and cut into layers of different lengths in order to obtain the hipster hairstyle portrayed above.

3. The Messy-Emo look

In this hairstyle, the hair is kept long on all sides except the front, where an angular fringe is kept across the forehead.

The rest of the hair is kept messy in a natural raw form giving it a look that works well for all occasions.

Messy EMO Look 2015

4. The shaved yet lengthened look

The Shaved yet Lengthed Look

If you are a punk-rock fan, this hairstyle is a must for you! This emo hairstyle for guys is best suited for long face shapes.

As you can see, this hairstyle calls for a mix of long, short and shaved hair.

5. Pete Wentz Hairstyles


Many of his styles tend to be long with a side-swept look. He has also done colored hair styles in the past like red streaks in the front.

6. Billie Joe Armstrong Hairstyles


The jet black hair works perfectly with his spiky and messy style. This particular picture is from the 2006 Grammy Awards. His has old has blonde hair in the past as well, but the black hair is by far the best.

Final Thoughts

These emo hairstyles for guys offer plenty of ways to express yourself through creative haircuts.

Hair styles are the best way to show the world who you are, which is why these continue to be popular in 2016.

Christina Diamond
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