Black men have a huge variety of hairstyle to style up their hair especially because of natural texture of their hair. The popularity of black men’s haircut styles are enhanced by their naturally smooth and curly hair texture.

It doesn’t matter whether it is the high top fade with tons of its variations, flat top or braided dreadlocks. Black men can easily pull off many hairstyles that no one else can.

Usher has been seen sporting this style before. It’s a nice free-flowing look that works well on black men of any age.


2. Short curly hairstyle


This doesn’t require anything more than a trim once and a while. This of course works best when you have curly hair.

3. Black Afro curly

Black afro curly

This is what happens when you let the curly hair grow out. Afro styles are easy to pull off when you have this kind of hair.

4. Side parted short hairstyle for black men

Since this type of hair tends to be coarse, a side part is really best done with a razor part like you see here. As you can see, it works with curly and straight hair.

black side parted short hairstyle

5. Black men dreads for long hair


Ah yes, dreadlock hairstyles are huge right now, and they look perfect with this type of hair. You’ll turn more than a few heads with a look like this.

6. Curly short hair


Again, this type of look just involves letting the naturally curly hair do its thing. Just comb it and let it go.

7. Dense Buzz Cut

dense buzz cut

Black men hairstyles are perfect for a crew cut like this one. Since this hair type tends to be coarse, it’s a perfect look.

8. Flat top with fades on the side

Oh man, the flat top. This is such an old school look, but it’s a classic.

flat top

9. Long hairstyle for black men

Let it grow out and maybe you’ll get an afro. Or you can let it grow out and pull it back like in this photo here.



10. Bald style


No hair, who would have thought it’s a style? For black men, the bald look with a little hair or a beard is awesome.

11. Will Smith’s Vacation fades

Will-Smith vacation fade

He’s on vacation, leave the man alone! That being said, this is a good look that requires very little maintenance.

12. Bald hairstyle for men

bald hairstyle for men

Short styles always work for black men, and this is is no different. Just get it short and your good to go.

13. Black Men undercut with line

Black Men undercut with line

A curly top with an undercut is already awesome. On top of this, you can use a razor part to accent the difference in length.

 14. Bowl cut style for black guys

Normally I would tell you to stay away from bowl cuts. That being said, it works with a black men’s hairstyle.

bowl cut style for black guys

15. Braided hairstyles for black guys

braided hairstyles for black guys

Don’t worry about styling it, just braid the hair. After that, tousle it and let it do what it wants.

16. Curly Afro Fade Style

Curly Afro Fade Style

A curly afro on top, and a nice low fade on the sides. Throw in a razor part and a beard and you’re set my friend.

 17. Geometric cut for black men

A geometric cut simply has established boundaries that give it a strong shape. Notice the tight lines and curves to the cut and the facial hair.

Geometric cut for black men

geometric fade haircut

18. Latest Afro Hairstyle for Guys

Latest Afro Hairstyle for guys

The afro has undergone an evolution into something more tight and refined. Check out this new version of it.

19. Curly Afro with Line for Men

Curly Afro with Line for Men

Short and tight with a high fade and a razor part. Done and done.

20. Mohawk Fade Style

mohawk fade style

Welcome to the mohawk fade style. It works extremely well with popular black men hairstyles. Try it out yourself!

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