The 1950s is considered to be the era of revolution in the fashion industry. Therefore 50s hairstyles for men were the basis of today’s modern styles. Men mostly had short hairstyles in those days as the fashion at that time was inclined towards decency. Moreover, greasy or wet hairstyles were also first introduced in that age.

Old fashioned haircuts are now back in style these days so a lot of men are looking for vintage haircuts from the 1950s. So if you are also searching for these hairstyles then continue reading for detailed information on these vintage hairstyles.


1. The Elvis Presley Look


Beyond his signature and endearing music, Elvis Presley also had a style all his own. Now, technically this is a pompadour, but I couldn’t do a 50s hairstyles for men article without mentioning The King. Elvis’ hair style was done by a man named Larry Geller.

2. Ducktail

This is one of the most famous 1950s hairstyles. The hair is cut short with texture on top.


3. Short Hairstyles

1950s hairstyles for men gary cooper

All the styles at that time needed short hair. You can also have men’s vintage hairstyles by cutting your hair short and then styling it like Gary Cooper, who looks great with the same style by side parting his hair.

4. Side Parted

For this you have to cut your hair short and then with the help of pomade and hairspray give a finishing look to yourself. Marlon Brando adopted this style, and it worked very well for him. It’s a hairstyle you can’t refuse.


5. Pompadour

Although it is now modified by combining it with an undercut, it is still the most adopted vintage hairstyle. James Dean a famous fashion icon at that time looks stunning in his pompadour.

6. Short Spiky Hairstyles

Spiky hairstyles are not the invention of today’s styles, but rather they were adopted by some of the most classic actors of that time like Clint Eastwood.

The spikes were simply done without a faux hawk or Mohawk style and last longer by using hairspray.

Clint Eastwood hairstyles for men

7. Slicked Back Hairstyles


These hairstyles, at that time, were adopted by those men who were in their late 30s and early 40s.  Sean Connery who got fame from his role as James bond also styled his hair in a slicked back style.

8. Comb Over Styles


Cary Grant is an English actor who gained American citizenship in 1942. He was best known for his transatlantic accent, unique demeanor, and “dashing good looks.” I only put that in quotations because Wikipedia did it, but I have to agree.


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