A definition of good hairstyle could be of anything that suits your face cut really well and that can change your personality from being boring to a trendsetter.

So all you need to do is to find out what suits your face cut. There’re plenty of hairstyles to get inspired by. 2015 saw some retro to contemporary looks.



Never would anyone have thought of fringe that will go on a man’s head as this had been in for females since a very long time. Oh well, the angular fringe embarked its existence in 2014 and still continues.



If you want a mixture of long and short then this is the brushed up style for you. This would give you a retro as well as a voguish look.



Your grandfather, your father and probably your brother might have kept their hair long. Nothing better than a hairstyle that was inspired from the previous generation and still prevails.


And then there are other hairstyles like top knots, buns, varieties of undercut and fade cuts, tapered hair styles, Slick backs, crew cuts and others.

Chris Evans Spiked Crew

Captain America is rocking a new look here with a nice spiked look. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an avenger to sport this look.


Short hairstyle for men


This is similar to the Chris Evans style prior to it, but here the hair is less organized and more chaotic. This is nice and easy to maintain.

Matt Damon in Ivy League haircut


Matt Damon rocking a nice Caesar cut. This type of look hasn’t gone out of style since the Roman empire, so what’s that tell you? Check out even more amazing hair design ideas right here.

Long Hairstyle for men


If you really don’t care, and I mean really don’t care, then this is the style for you. Seriously, just go nuts.

Layered Long hairstyle


This is for the people who are interested in giving their long hair some style, but still convincing the world they really don’t care. Layered hair works for any style you want.

Cool brushed up hairstyle


Do you have wavy hair? Brush it up and give it that windswept look.

Clooney’s gray hairstyle

George Clooney always has hair styles that are on point. This look is no different with a comb over style that works like a charm.


Chris Hemsworth long hair


Another avenger? This is Thor sporting his classic style with long and wavy hair.

Spiked hairstyle


Spiked hairstyles come in a lot of different forms. This is one that has a wavy look to it.

Angular Fringe

This take on the angular fringe is a little extreme. Even so, it’s a bold style.


Bradpitt’s classic slick back with trimmed beard

We wrap up with yet another hair trendsetter. Brad Pitt is sporting a simple and slicked back style.


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