Shaggy hairstyles are the embodiment of controlled chaos. They can be styled with short, medium or long hair, that doesn’t matter. You can have thick hair, curly hair, fine hair, again, it doesn’t matter. Shaggy hair really relies on the individual, which is cool.

However you want to style, any way that works for you, shaggy fits a lot of hair types and styles. Today we’ll look at several examples for 2016 hairstyles you can adopt. The best part? These are really easy to style.

Thick hairs short shaggy hairstyles for men 2014

The Curly Hair Shaggy Style

Are you rocking the curly hair look? Excellent, then shaggy fits you like white on rice.

New short shaggy haircut for curly hairs 2014

Long and Shaggy


Maybe you have long hair and you’re wondering if long shaggy hairstyles are still in style? Well, the image above is from a modeling runway show if you couldn’t tell by the half open shirt look.

Short and Curly


In case the glasses didn’t give it away, this is another model shoot with someone sporting short curly hair. Notice how it’s shaggy as well though.

Short and Shaggy


This final look is a very short and shaggy hairstyle that works for those who like their hair out of their face. Have your barber cut it short while leaving some length on top so you can do the old tousle and maybe add a little product to give it a boost in volume.

The Jon Snow Look

Fans of the HBO series Game of Thrones will recognize this as the actor who plays Jon Snow. Jon has always rocked the long shaggy look.


Fresh out of Bed Hairstyle

Just rolling out of bed and going about your daily life is always an option. While I’m not entirely sure that’s how this shaggy haircut above got made, I’m pretty sure.


Shaggy and Curly


Shaggy and curly practically go hand-in-hand.  As you can see in the picture above, this guy doesn’t really need to do anything with those curls except continue to keep them healthy and long.

Side Swept and Shaggy


Shaggy hairstyles like these would have gotten me sent back to my room with a comb when I was a kid, but these days, messy is in! Lucky for you because these styles don’t require any major maintenance or upkeep.


Christina Diamond
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